Family-Friendly Hair Cutting Tutorial During Quarantine

The quarantine has got everyone staying in their homes to ensure they are safe. The spread of the COVID-19 virus is nothing to be relaxed about but then it comes with a lot of other consequences. Some of these include the closing of important places we visit on a regular and even forget how important they are such as the barber’s shop or the hair salon.

If you think to yourself, how do we get to cut the hair together as a family? It’s pretty simple. We’ve got you covered. The idea of having to cut your own hair or even that of your loved ones isolating with you can be pretty terrifying. You don’t want to have to live with a terrible hair style till your hair grows back, but let’s face it since it’s not presently possible to go for your weekly trim at the hands of a professional, you’ll have to take the clippers into your own hands.

For a Basic Trim

For a basic trim, you need a pair of sharp scissors and a mirror. Most importantly you need steady hands. What you want to do is to section your hair into small areas and hold them up with a comb or between two fingers. Then remember to trim just the tip. Nothing more except if necessary.

You can do this if your hair is wet or dry. It doesn’t really matter. However, keep in mind that wet it tends to be more elastic and would look a lot shorter when dry. You don’t want to cut it too short and regret it later.

For a Buzz Cut

Quite a number of people are relying on the buzz cut at this time. It’s no surprise, as it is a very easy style to maintain at home, and it takes a while to have to visit the barber again. It is important to lube your blades with oil, preferably a lightweight oil. This is very important to make the process go a lot smoother.

Again you need a mirror and steady hands. You can start at the top of your head to be sure on how low you want it to be. If you have bald spots you want to even out, you can model the rest of the head from it.

For a Shave

Getting a clean shave would also require a mirror, a clipper, and steady hands. The good thing about clean shaves is that you have lesser room for error. How bad can it go? You want it taken all out right?.

However, you need to be more professional about it by applying a pre-shave oil. This makes your hair a lot softer and easier to shave off.

Cutting your hair and that of a loved one first requires you to come to terms with it. You’re not a professional and you might make a few mistakes but try limiting them as much as possible with these easy steps.