Hair Highlights Tutorial

Hair highlights simply refer to those parts/strands of your hair that have a color tone (darker or lighter) applied to it to your hair in order to create some kind of beauty effect or attention. We’ve seen women and men apply this strategy so many times to enhance the beauty and color of their hair, and it has played out perfectly fine most of the time.

To be able to create outstanding hair highlights, you need to be acquainted with the procedures. You’ve clearly seen what highlights are. Let’s move to the benefits of highlighting your hair on your own.

Benefits of Hair Highlights

1. Gives you room for a change

If you are looking for a means of changing your style and serving new looks, then you probably need to start by highlighting your hair. This will cause you to observe a total change in your appearance, framing your face in an entirely new way.

2. Beats boredom

We’ve seen cases where people suddenly get tired of basic monotone hair colors. Now, highlights are there for you to get yourself out of that boredom by adding a whole lot of spice through your style decisions. Hair highlights will bring a much-needed change to your beauty routine and overall appearance.

Hair Highlights Tutorial

Knowing what highlights are isn’t enough. Soon, you will be finding out how you can comfortably highlight your hair in the absence of your stylist, using this short hair highlights tutorial below.

1. Get a good home hair highlighting kit, mix the content, and make sure that every ingredient is blended properly using a spatula. Ensure that your hair is dry before moving on to apply the blended mixture onto each section you intend to highlight. Remember, don’t let it touch your scalp.

2. Gently use your gloved fingers to massage in the mixture. When you get to the middle of your head, further create subsections on each section of your hair. This is to ensure that the solution thoroughly gets in as you wish.

3. When you get to the underlayer part of your hair, and the back, create smaller subsections and keep on with the application and massage.

4. Also, note that taking and applying the mixture in larger quantities does not guarantee a finer finish. What counts is your skill, expertise, and carefulness. So, to get the natural hair highlight look, be sure to master the basics before you proceed.

Things to Keep in Mind

●      Ensure that you apply the highlight 2 inches away from your roots and scalp.

●      Pull and keep your hair in a straight mode when the application is done. This is to ensure that the application is generously done.

●      Ensure to get gentle when you apply, don’t add too much pressure to avoid complications.

Hair highlights turn out beautifully well when applied properly. Listed above are the simple steps you can implement to make sure that you come up with the most beautiful hair highlights. Ensure that you follow them carefully.