How to Whiten Teeth

Whitening teeth is widespread today, but not everyone’s lucky enough to be born with pearly white teeth. While you might think it is not possible to change your smile and that you will need invasive procedures that would cost your back, there are many ways in which you can actually do it. They don’t require a single trip to the dentist!

Are you looking to attain that perfect Hollywood smile? Or perhaps you like the look of white teeth. Here are some tips that will help you achieve professional results.


Use The Right Whitening Product For You.

Whitening your teeth used to be a two-step process. First, you had to make your teeth whiter, and then you had to go visit your dentist to get the stains off. The dentist would scrape your teeth with a scraper, rinse them, then apply some chemicals.

Now there is a one-step process, thanks to Luster Premium White. Luster Premium White is a toothpaste you put on your own, and it is guaranteed to whiten your teeth. It’s pretty widely available online and in supermarkets. Luster Premium White works by dissolving stains on your teeth.

The hydrogen peroxide in Luster Premium White is activated by a special light, a blue light. The blue light is painless. In fact, blue light is used to activate the hydrogen peroxide in Luster Premium White.

Be Consistent With Your Whitening Routine.

Whitening your teeth is not like getting a manicure. Once you have it, you need to keep it up. But most dental patients don’t, and with good reason. Tooth-whitening kinds of toothpaste only really work for a week or so, and after that, your teeth go back to their natural color. And then you start over again. And keep having to repeat the process over and over.

But whitening kinds of toothpaste also use only a tiny amount of peroxide. If you don’t whiten your teeth now, they’ll return to their natural color in a week or two. So, assuming your teeth are small, to begin with, you can get your teeth whitened twice a year. That’s still a lot of whitening, but it’s a lot less.

Next, you should try whitening strips. These work pretty well, but they use a lot of peroxides, and your teeth will start off really white and will look really white for a while. But then your teeth will start to get discolored again.

After that, you could try professional whitening. This is expensive, but the results are dramatic. You could get your teeth whitened in one day, and they would stay that way. But try this approach only once; you probably won’t want to repeat it. Professional whitening is not cheap, and it can take a long time to see results.


The critical thing to remember is, if you have your teeth whitened professionally, you have to keep up your dental routine. Otherwise, your teeth will go right back to their natural color.



If you’re like most people, you’ve had your teeth whitened; maybe more than once. You’ve seen the advertisements promising to brighten your smile and make you more confident. You’ve probably even followed the directions, mixing peroxide and baking soda in a plastic tray and wearing it for a few hours.

Now, when your dentist tells you that you need another whitening treatment, you might be tempted to say, “Oh, forget it. I did it already.” But you’re not alone. Dentists can tell how much whitening you have done by the color of your teeth: the more whitening you have done, the whiter your teeth are. The more whitening you do, the more likely your teeth will look whiter after the subsequent treatment.

And, in fact, the more whitening you do, the more likely it is that your teeth will keep looking whiter.

Why is that? Because as your teeth get whiter, they tend to get whiter again. If you want to look good for a long time, you should try to be consistent. You might, for example, keep your teeth whitened once a month and then vary the time between treatments. Or you might use the Luster Premium White paste each time. Being consistent will give you the longest-lasting results.