Skeleton Face Painting Tutorial

Are you considering creating a great scary outlook for Halloween? Are you just a lover of skeletons and skulls? Did you know you could actually do it yourself with a little tutorial? You’re about to find that out.

In this article, we’ll go through a step-by-step process on how to create a skeleton face painting on your face for your collection.

Materials Required

In order to be able to draw the skeleton on your face appropriately, you would need a set of easy-to-get tools. Some of these include the following:

·       Face paints: Different colors matching your preference. To make a basic skeleton design though you’d need just white paint, grey paint, and black paint. If you decide to get more, it would probably depend on your creativity.

·       Paint brushes: You need a thick one for filling big spots and a tiny one for drawing lines.

·       Water: You would need it when you have to fade out some colors.

Steps to Creating a Skeleton Face Painting

1.              To create the background, you have to first of all properly draw out the shape of the skeleton on your face. Using your thin paintbrush, you would need to outline a circle around each of your eyes. Make sure that the circles are properly drawn, and if you feel like the lines are too thick, you could reduce them by dipping your brush in the bowl of water and fading out the edges.

2.              Still making the background, you have to outline the shape of the skeleton’s face on yours. You can do this by dipping your thin brush into your white paint and tracing out a neat outline around your face starting at the forehead, all the way down to your cheekbones, and then to your chin.

3.              Draw two triangles around your nostrils, and then you can use the larger brush with the white paint to fill in the area in the center. Remember to avoid filling the area inside the triangle. Also, do not paint the circled out area around the eyes with the same color as the one with the others.

4.              In order to have the original skeleton look, you have to get rid of the eyebrows, but don’t worry, you’re not chopping them off, you just have to cover them up with your grey paint.

5.              Draw lines just above your lips using the black paint, make sure they are short and well outlined.

6.              The work is almost finished, remember the circles you drew earlier around your face? They would represent your skeleton’s eye sockets. You’ll need to paint them black to create that hollow effect. Ensure that you do not run your eyes too early or you may get some of the paint in your eyes.

7.              When you’re done filling the eye sockets, you move down to the triangles previously drawn above your nostrils. The major reason why it is advised that you leave these areas first is so that the white lines would be a bit dry before the shading. Ensure though that you properly avoid getting the white paint-stained by the black paint while shading.

8.              Paint a rectangle around your mouth and draw straight black lines from the top of the triangle to the bottom of it. That represents the teeth.

If you followed these steps, you would have created a cute skeleton face.