Step by Step Eyeshadow Tutorial for Smokey Eyes

Are you ready to learn step-by-step Eyeshadow Tutorial for Smokey Eyes? If you are, then let’s get right on it.


List of steps by Step Eyeshadow Tutorial for Smokey Eyes


Step 1

  • Putting on the Eyeshadow primer

You need to apply this using your finger or using a brush. Make sure you distribute it evenly around.


Step 2

  • This is where you try to increase your lashes.

You should tightline. This helps in boosting your eyelashes intensity and also neutralizes all types of sparse sections visibly. Using this excellent technique, you could make your eyes stand out and then add in power and acceptable levels of definition.

For the volume of your lashes to boost, try applying dark kajal gently in between your upper lid contour and your lash line.


Step 3

  • This is when you apply your eyeliner.

Here you make your eyes stand out, and then they would get fuller through your eyeliner. This is very necessary for you to have smokey eyes!

Apply your kajal with your lower and upper lashline. Blend everything in using a brush, and you would end up with a very smokey look. You’ll end up looking so beautiful too.


Step 4

  • This is when you apply eyeshadow. 

You should apply an eyeshadow that is lightly colored to your lower lid and then over the bone of your brow. This should blend towards your temple’s direction.

Then apply an eyeshadow that is darkly colored to your lid, along with your lower lash line, and then on the outer part of your eye.


Step 5

  • The second step of applying your eyeshadow

You should then apply a medium-colored Eyeshadow to your eye. This would help to increase, which would create a transition between the dark and the light-colored eye shadow. It would also soften the dark color available on your bottom lash line.

You should then add in high lights on the highest part of your eyebrows. Then add them again to the inner corners your eyes have. Make use of Eyeshadow colors which shimmers.


How can you apply Eye Liners? 


Step 6

  • Now we are applying eyeliners.

You should draw a line using your eyeliner and then add in some levels of depth mysteriously to your look.

It is excellent to prepare your eyelashes for beautifully looking mascara. You should also apply a type of mascara that nourishes all the parts of your face you want to put them on. Next, you should apply mascara and then finish your unique smokey eye look.


My thoughts on step by step Eyeshadow Tutorial for Smokey Eyes

Make sure that all the ingredients you use as you try to get the Eye shadow tutorial for Smokey Eyes are of exceptionally high quality. Do not use cheap or affordable products because these products will affect your skin, your face, and, most importantly, your beautiful eyes. So please do not mess with them. Okay. Go for the best. Go for quality. You’ll be fine.