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How to Curl Hair with Flat Iron

One of the most popular ways to curl hair is with a flat iron. While it may seem daunting at first, curling your hair with a flat iron is actually quite simple. Just follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way to beautiful, bouncy curls in no time.

How to Curl Hair with Flat Iron

Before we get into the steps of how to curl your hair with a flat iron, let’s quickly go over how a flat iron works. A flat iron is made up of two ceramic plates that heat up when you turn it on. When you run your hair through the flat iron, the heat from the ceramic plates straightens your hair.

Step 1: Prep Your Hair

The first step to curling your hair with a flat iron is to prep your hair. This means making sure your hair is clean and dry before you start curling. If your hair is dirty or oily, the oil will transfer to the ceramic plates and can cause them to break or wear down over time. It’s also important to make sure your hair is completely dry before you start curling. If your hair is even slightly damp, the heat from the flat iron can cause steam to form, which can damage your hair.


To prep your hair, start by washing it with a clarifying shampoo to remove any build-up. Then, use a blow dryer to make sure your hair is completely dry before you start curling.

Step 2: Apply Curl Activating Cream

Once your hair is prepped and ready to go, it’s time to apply a curl activating cream. This will help protect your hair from the heat of the flat iron and will also help hold your curls in place once they’re done. Simply apply a small amount of curl activating cream to your hair, focusing on the ends.

Step 3: Section Your Hair

The next step is to section your hair. This will make it easier to curl your hair and will help ensure that all of your hair gets curled evenly. To section your hair, start by parting it down the middle with a comb. Then, take small sections of hair and clip them back with hair clips. You should end up with two sections of hair, one on each side of your head.

Step 4: Turn on Your Flat Iron

Now it’s time to turn on your flat iron and let it heat up. While you’re waiting for the flat iron to heat up, go ahead and unclip one of the sections of hair.

Step 5: Curl Your Hair

Now it’s time to start curling your hair! To do this, take a small section of hair and place it between the ceramic plates of your flat iron. Then, close the flat iron and hold it in place for a few seconds before releasing. Repeat this process until all of your hair is curled.


And that’s it! You’ve now successfully curled your hair with a flat iron.

Eye Shadow Tutorial for Using Primer

Eye shadow primer is a product that is applied to the eyelids before eye shadow. It helps to create a smooth, even surface for the shadow and prevents the shadow from creasing or fading throughout the day. Eye shadow primer can be purchased at most drugstores and beauty supply stores. Many women use eye shadow primer on a daily basis, but some still don’t know how to apply it properly.

What is eye shadow primer and what does it do?

When eyeshadow is applied over a primer, the colors are more vibrant and the shadow lasts longer. Many women apply their primer with their fingers, but using a brush will give you a more even application. Just apply a small amount of primer to the eyelid and blend it in. Give the primer a few minutes to set before applying eye shadow.

There are many different formulas of eye shadow primer, but one of the best is a chemical-free makeup primer. This type of primer is made with natural ingredients and it won’t irritate your skin. It’s also important to choose a primer that is compatible with your skin type. If you have oily skin, look for a primer that is oil-free. If you have dry skin, look for a primer that is hydrating.

Once you’ve found the right eye shadow primer for you, apply it to your eyelids before applying shadow. This will help your shadow stay in place all day and give you more vibrant, long-lasting color.

How to apply eye shadow primer for the best results

  1. Start with a clean, dry face. If you have any oils on your skin, apply a thin layer of powder to absorb them before applying primer.
  2. Apply a small amount of primer to the eyelid and blend it in.
  3. Give the primer a few minutes to set before applying eye shadow.
  4. Apply shadow as usual.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 on the other eye.

Eye shadow primer is a product that is applied to the eyelids before eye shadow. It helps to create a smooth, even surface for the shadow and prevents the shadow from creasing or fading throughout the day.

The benefits of using eye shadow primer

There are many benefits to using eye shadow primer, including:

  • Vibrant, long-lasting color
  • Smudge-proof and crease-resistant shadow
  • A more even application of shadow
  • Reduced fading and smudging throughout the day

If you want your eyeshadow to look its best, eye shadow primer is a must-have product. It will help your shadow stay in place and give you more vibrant, long-lasting color. Choose an eyeshadow primer that is compatible with your skin type and apply it to your eyelids before eyeshadow for the best results.

How to Make Resin Art

Reason art is a way people use to express their artistic side by making beautiful art, high priced and sometimes even priceless art. If you are interested in resin art you have come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most asked questions about making resin art.

. what are the tools used for making resin art

. is making resin art expensive

 What are the tools used for making resin art 

 Thankfully making resins art isn’t very expensive and the tools can be bought in your local store, online, and many other places. These tools are so common that you probably have some lying somewhere in your house right now. You may not always use the same resin tools cuz different projects require different procedures, but here is a list of must-haves for whatever projects you are working on

. Butane blow torch

. Art resin 

. Gloves 

. Masking tape

. Plastic measuring cup.

. levels 

. Plastic spreader 

. Plastic stands 

. Alcohol

. Paper towel

. Plastic stir stick

. Dust covers 

 Notice how most of the tools are specified as plastic, that’s because resin doesn’t stick to plastic so it makes for easier cleanup.

How to make resin art 

To start, make sure your tools and equipment are clean, we don’t want impurities floating around in your resin. Preferably, with your alcohol and paper towel.

Almost all resin art generally follows the same basic pattern, make a mold, mix and pour your resin remove impurities, pop the bubbles, cover, and leave to dry. That’s the basic but different projects may have some additional steps.

The mold

You can buy custom-made mold that has already been manufactured for that specific project, and some even come with resin and mixture ratio. The other option is to do what most people do DIY. The type of project you are working on will determine what material you use for your mold. For example, in wood wall art the wood is carved out to form a design pattern becoming a mold. Another example is body sculptures, silicon is usually used to form the mold as it would give you an accurate 3d depiction.

The art resin 

Art resin comes in two parts one is the actual resin and the other a hardener. There are different types of art resin made for different specifications but they all find themselves somewhere in between these two

. Deep pour

This is usually used where large displacements are needed, they are thinner, cure slower, and have a higher mixing ratio.

. Surface pour

  Usually used as a coating for art as it is durable, it is thicker, has shorter curing time, and has a 1:1 mixing ratio.

Impurity and bubble removal

Remove any impurities before it cures then remove the bubbles using a butane torch. Resins have a high melting point so a torch would do the job very nicely.

After that, if you are satisfied with your results cover it with your dust cover till it cures.

How to Design a Tattoo

Designing a tattoo is an incredibly personal experience, so you should really spend time doing research and working on your sketch. Tattoos can be compelling ways to showcase important aspects of your life. Learn how to design your own tattoo!

Designing a tattoo is not an easy task. There are many things to take into consideration before you can actually start drawing. Before designing a tattoo, the most critical question is, “what do I want the tattoo to look like?” You need to make sure you know what you want the tattoo before moving on to the next step of designing it.

Look for inspiration to design tattoos.

If your tattoo is supposed to represent something, a picture, or a symbol, it will be easier to understand if you can imagine the person for whom it is intended. The symbol or picture can be whatever you have in mind.

Suppose you want your tattoo to represent your family. In that case, tattoos of family trees, portraits of relatives, and pictures of family pets are examples of tattoos that work well.

A tattoo representing a favorite book or movie or musician or sports team is more problematic because the person for whom it is intended won’t necessarily care about the same things you do.

Sometimes the best tattoos are funny or ironic. A tattoo doesn’t have to be permanent. Temporary tattoos are fun, and when designed well, can represent anything, including ideas.

Tattoos are personal and idiosyncratic, so you can’t expect them to turn out the same way anyone else’s does.

Use the right tools

When designing a tattoo, you have two basic choices.  You either sketch your ideas on paper, or you can use a stencil.

Sketching by hand can be pretty satisfying. You create the picture you like, and you can change it as much as possible until it looks the way you want. And so, if you make a mistake, you can fix it. But it’s also time-consuming and hard to share. If you want to show your idea to someone else, you have to draw the whole thing again.

Stencils are quicker and more accessible, but the picture you get is not as good as the one you drew. Stencils work only if your idea is simple enough to write down. And if you’re an artist, that may not always be true. For example, graphics artists have their own set of tools, which are unlikely to be used when designing a tattoo.

Stencils are better when you just need a rough outline for shaping your design. But if you want to make a detailed drawing, you have to draw it by hand.

The choice of tools you make depends partly on how easy you want the design to change. Stencils are more accessible but more complicated.



The proper tattoo design can be material. Some people don’t think twice about getting a tattoo; others, it’s a serious decision, one they ponder for years. But in either case, the final design must be just right.

How to Whiten Teeth

Whitening teeth is widespread today, but not everyone’s lucky enough to be born with pearly white teeth. While you might think it is not possible to change your smile and that you will need invasive procedures that would cost your back, there are many ways in which you can actually do it. They don’t require a single trip to the dentist!

Are you looking to attain that perfect Hollywood smile? Or perhaps you like the look of white teeth. Here are some tips that will help you achieve professional results.


Use The Right Whitening Product For You.

Whitening your teeth used to be a two-step process. First, you had to make your teeth whiter, and then you had to go visit your dentist to get the stains off. The dentist would scrape your teeth with a scraper, rinse them, then apply some chemicals.

Now there is a one-step process, thanks to Luster Premium White. Luster Premium White is a toothpaste you put on your own, and it is guaranteed to whiten your teeth. It’s pretty widely available online and in supermarkets. Luster Premium White works by dissolving stains on your teeth.

The hydrogen peroxide in Luster Premium White is activated by a special light, a blue light. The blue light is painless. In fact, blue light is used to activate the hydrogen peroxide in Luster Premium White.

Be Consistent With Your Whitening Routine.

Whitening your teeth is not like getting a manicure. Once you have it, you need to keep it up. But most dental patients don’t, and with good reason. Tooth-whitening kinds of toothpaste only really work for a week or so, and after that, your teeth go back to their natural color. And then you start over again. And keep having to repeat the process over and over.

But whitening kinds of toothpaste also use only a tiny amount of peroxide. If you don’t whiten your teeth now, they’ll return to their natural color in a week or two. So, assuming your teeth are small, to begin with, you can get your teeth whitened twice a year. That’s still a lot of whitening, but it’s a lot less.

Next, you should try whitening strips. These work pretty well, but they use a lot of peroxides, and your teeth will start off really white and will look really white for a while. But then your teeth will start to get discolored again.

After that, you could try professional whitening. This is expensive, but the results are dramatic. You could get your teeth whitened in one day, and they would stay that way. But try this approach only once; you probably won’t want to repeat it. Professional whitening is not cheap, and it can take a long time to see results.


The critical thing to remember is, if you have your teeth whitened professionally, you have to keep up your dental routine. Otherwise, your teeth will go right back to their natural color.



If you’re like most people, you’ve had your teeth whitened; maybe more than once. You’ve seen the advertisements promising to brighten your smile and make you more confident. You’ve probably even followed the directions, mixing peroxide and baking soda in a plastic tray and wearing it for a few hours.

Now, when your dentist tells you that you need another whitening treatment, you might be tempted to say, “Oh, forget it. I did it already.” But you’re not alone. Dentists can tell how much whitening you have done by the color of your teeth: the more whitening you have done, the whiter your teeth are. The more whitening you do, the more likely your teeth will look whiter after the subsequent treatment.

And, in fact, the more whitening you do, the more likely it is that your teeth will keep looking whiter.

Why is that? Because as your teeth get whiter, they tend to get whiter again. If you want to look good for a long time, you should try to be consistent. You might, for example, keep your teeth whitened once a month and then vary the time between treatments. Or you might use the Luster Premium White paste each time. Being consistent will give you the longest-lasting results.

Step by Step Eyeshadow Tutorial for Smokey Eyes

Are you ready to learn step-by-step Eyeshadow Tutorial for Smokey Eyes? If you are, then let’s get right on it.


List of steps by Step Eyeshadow Tutorial for Smokey Eyes


Step 1

  • Putting on the Eyeshadow primer

You need to apply this using your finger or using a brush. Make sure you distribute it evenly around.


Step 2

  • This is where you try to increase your lashes.

You should tightline. This helps in boosting your eyelashes intensity and also neutralizes all types of sparse sections visibly. Using this excellent technique, you could make your eyes stand out and then add in power and acceptable levels of definition.

For the volume of your lashes to boost, try applying dark kajal gently in between your upper lid contour and your lash line.


Step 3

  • This is when you apply your eyeliner.

Here you make your eyes stand out, and then they would get fuller through your eyeliner. This is very necessary for you to have smokey eyes!

Apply your kajal with your lower and upper lashline. Blend everything in using a brush, and you would end up with a very smokey look. You’ll end up looking so beautiful too.


Step 4

  • This is when you apply eyeshadow. 

You should apply an eyeshadow that is lightly colored to your lower lid and then over the bone of your brow. This should blend towards your temple’s direction.

Then apply an eyeshadow that is darkly colored to your lid, along with your lower lash line, and then on the outer part of your eye.


Step 5

  • The second step of applying your eyeshadow

You should then apply a medium-colored Eyeshadow to your eye. This would help to increase, which would create a transition between the dark and the light-colored eye shadow. It would also soften the dark color available on your bottom lash line.

You should then add in high lights on the highest part of your eyebrows. Then add them again to the inner corners your eyes have. Make use of Eyeshadow colors which shimmers.


How can you apply Eye Liners? 


Step 6

  • Now we are applying eyeliners.

You should draw a line using your eyeliner and then add in some levels of depth mysteriously to your look.

It is excellent to prepare your eyelashes for beautifully looking mascara. You should also apply a type of mascara that nourishes all the parts of your face you want to put them on. Next, you should apply mascara and then finish your unique smokey eye look.


My thoughts on step by step Eyeshadow Tutorial for Smokey Eyes

Make sure that all the ingredients you use as you try to get the Eye shadow tutorial for Smokey Eyes are of exceptionally high quality. Do not use cheap or affordable products because these products will affect your skin, your face, and, most importantly, your beautiful eyes. So please do not mess with them. Okay. Go for the best. Go for quality. You’ll be fine.

How to make a messy bun

You have probably gotten tired of trying out all the difficult styles you see on Instagram and youtube and want something that gives you simple instructions, depending on your kind of hair. Messy buns will not work the same way for everyone, which is why this article will help you.

This article will show you some simple ways to get your messy bun done with ease. I will also show you the style and procedure to get your messy bun done for the kind of hair that you have. Follow me through this article and learn these simple techniques.

Messy bun for thick hair

It is somewhat difficult to do a messy bun on long thick hairs and this is because it usually gets undone after some hours. You want to ensure that you are able to keep it fit and still. Below are the steps to follow.

  • Create a high ponytail 
  • Fold the end of the ponytail with one hand and tie it if it is long enough.
  • Hold it in place with bobby pins.
  • Add some embellishments.

For thin hair

If your thin hair is not a result of any underlying illness that you should look into, then you must have thought about getting it styled in a way that looks attractive. Messy buns will do it for you. Here’s how:

  • Rub some shampoo on the hair. For an even better effect, ensure that you spray a texturizing product to give it some level of thickness.
  • Brush the hair upwards
  • Tie a scarf or head tie around the head firmly
  • Make a high ponytail and twist the end of it into a bun.
  • Fold, twist, and pin the hairpieces until it forms a pretty bun and spray it for more styling.

Loose messy bun

A loose messy bun is super stylish if you do it right. Below is a detailed step of how to do it:

  • Clip two sections of your hair to the front for later use
  • Make a ponytail from the rest of the hair. Take them as low as you want to have your messy bun.
  • Convert the ponytail to a messy bun
  • Wrap the two saved hair sections in front around the messy bun and hold them in place with a bobby pin.
  • Add some embellishments to make it look more beautiful.

Two messy buns on top

This style is for those who don’t mind giving everyone that sees them something to feel intrigued about. The style is super cute and super rare. It is one that you should try out. Below is how to do yours:

  • Pack your hair into two sections
  • Make loose ponytails of them.
  • Twist each of the ponytails loosely and wrap them across the base
  • Hold them in place with bobby pins.


If your style is not among the ones listed here, know that you can always use any of the steps to create something unique and different. Just ensure that they’re firmly held, in place, and beautiful.

Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

If you want a bold and signature makeup look, then smokey eyes are your go-to. Of course, it depends on the occasion and where you are going. If you attend a wedding with smokey eyes, you’d probably feel out of place. You wear it to occasions where you need to make a statement, say like a fashion show, a runway event, or even a club. Nevertheless, smokey eyes are quite tricky and if you are not being careful, you might just mess everything up.

Smokey eyes are a beautiful makeup style for brown eyes. If you are a beginner, you might just need a tutorial. Well, of course, you need one. Here’s what you need:

1. Black eyeshadow

2. Concealer

3. Primer

4.  Black Mascara

5. Eyeshadow brushes

6. Black eyeliner

If you’ve noticed, almost everything is black. It has to be smokey, doesn’t it?


Before applying your makeup, ensure your face is clean. It would make your makeup sit well on your face, without being scratchy too. Well, here’s the procedure to get smokey eyes:

1. Apply the primer on your face. It helps makeup to stay longer on your face. It also allows your eyeshadows to blend well.

2. Next, apply concealer on your eyelids and under your eyes to even out discoloration.

3. Apply your black eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eyes and also into the crease.

4. Blend out the eyeshadow evenly

5. If you feel that it is too light, add more eyeshadow

6. Using your black eyeliner, apply very close to your eyelash line

7. Blend with black eyeshadow

8. If you want the eyeliner to stand out, take it into the crease and blend it out

9. Proceed to apply the eyeliner under your eyes

10. Gently smudge it out to enhance the smokey effect

11. Apply your black mascara and you’re good to go!

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips And Guidelines

1. Ensure that your face is not oily. Unless you want your smokey eyes to smudge, use an oily face. Other than that, wash your face very well before your tutorial.

2. Use clean makeup brushes while applying your smokey eyes effect. Clean brushes will give you the right effect and allow you to easily apply your smokey eyes makeup.

3. Smokey eyes are suitable for night events

4. Nude lips accentuate smokey eyes. If you go heavy on the eyes, you don’t need bright colors like red, purple, pink, and so on your lips. A simple nude color will do.

5. Use original makeup products. If you want your smokey eyes to last longer, you should buy your products from a very good brand. There are several makeup brands out there, which is why getting an authentic one might be difficult. Nevertheless, get a good brand and buy from them.

There you go! Smokey eye tutorials may seem difficult at first. However, it becomes easier with constant practice. Play around with your brushes and be confident that you can do it.

How to Make an Origami Crane

Origami is one of the most creative DIY projects to carry out. You don’t need any special talent or equipment; you just need your hands, your ability to follow simple steps, and paper. Although to make it look really cool, you might want to use really light paper. Cardboard papers are difficult to fold and may make the process difficult.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to make an origami crane in a few simple steps. If this is your first time making origami, then you’re in luck, because you’re about to have really good background knowledge about the craft.

How to Make an Origami Crane – Step-by-Step

1. Get a square paper

The first step to creating an origami crane is getting a perfectly square piece of paper. If you can’t find anyone like that, you can simply pick any paper and trim the edges until you have a good square. Remember, not a rectangle but a square.

2. Folding the two triangles

You’ll need to fold the piece of paper into two separate triangles. Here’s how you do it. You try to connect two pointed tips of the paper. When you have connected one of the tips, you open it back up and connect the other two tips facing the opposite direction.

One thing you must do while folding the triangles is that you must ensure that you mark the lines because you would need to refold them later.

3. Folding the two rectangles

Fold the triangles just the same way you folded the triangles before, but this time you’ll not need the tips. You’ll connect the flat surfaces. Fold the paper to connect two edges of the four sides. By the time you’re done doing this, you’d have two rectangles of equal sizes. You must remember to fold two of them in opposite directions.

4. Fold the creases

Remember when I said you should mark the lines? Well, now’s the time for that. You’ll fold all the stretched sides in the exact direction that you first had them in. The important thing to know is that you’ll have to do all of them together. This may be a little daunting, but it’s the step you must take.

5. Form a kite by folding the two edges in. Do the same to the other side of the paper.

6. Fold the pointed edges till they connect with the bottom of the two edges you connected in step 5.

7. Pull the bottom corner above the top and fold it along the creases in step 4 and 5.

8. Flip the top layer on the right side over the left side, do the same to the left side.

9. Fold the top layer on both sides until it touches the tip of the bottom layer.

10. Repeat step 8.

11. Fold the wings down and also slightly bend one side of the long tips. That should represent the beak and the other side would represent the tail.

What you’ll have now is a neat and perfectly trimmed origami crane.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Are you thinking of trying out a special new look for your gallery? Or are you going for a function and just want to look exactly how you picture yourself? Is smokey eyes makeup what you want to try out? Well, hang on, you’ll learn exactly how to do it in simple steps.

You see a lot of people attempting to do the smokey eyes makeup ending up looking like they just gave the job to a 2-year old. Well, they may not realize this, but people who actually see them, especially experts like us who may be critics, would know they probably didn’t have any knowledge about the art. You’re going to get that knowledge now so that you can avoid looking like them.

How Do You Create Smokey Eye Makeup?

I always tell the people who have been privileged to learn under me that every makeup is an art. You’re an artist and all you’re doing is adding special effects to your already beautiful face. Below are the steps for creating the smokey eyes effects:

●      You would first have to apply a mid-tone shadow on your eyelids. For a better smokey base, it would be better to use the color grey or brown. You can find all-natural eyeshadow from Jane Iredale from Natural Healthy Concepts.

●      Pick up your eyeliner and apply it along the lash line. You must do this while ensuring that you’re able to get some color between the lashes in order to enable it to pop.

●      The next thing you have to do is to apply a dark tone shadow liner for example charcoal or espresso over the liner. Blend it into the lid shadow. Apply it to the lower lash line, in order to do this, you would have to press the bottom of the brush on the lashes, spread it out with your fingers to give you the smokey look.

●      You can add any finishing touch with the mascara to give it the full lash effect.

●      Add sparkle with your fingers

You must know that you may not end up with the exact same smokey effect that your friend got. That is not the goal. Your main goal is to have one that looks beautiful for you. There are lots of factors that influence the final look of your smokey eye makeup, most of them are in your choice of colors, your choice of lash and some others.

You must also know that the shape of your face differs from that of a friend. You are trying to create something that looks unique for yourself. For an extra little advice, before you embark on a journey of keeping yourself the smokey makeup, you can check out your favorite celebrity. Try to copy exactly what you see and try to do it perfectly. Remember, that you may not end up with the exact same thing but in the end, you will have something close to it.

In conclusion, remember that the shape of your face will greatly influence the final outlook of your makeup. I hope this tip is helpful.