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How to Tell if You Have the Wrong Type of Strings for Your Acoustic Guitar

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How to tell if you have the wrong type of strings for your acoustic guitar

Music is food for the soul, the music that acoustic guitars make is on a whole other level, this is part of the reasons acoustic guitars are so sort after.
A lot of people don’t understand that they need to be specific when it comes to getting new guitar strings for their acoustic guitar. You might think it is difficult but we assure you that it is not as difficult as you might think. When you check for guitar strings around your headstock, you’ll get instructions that would show you how to get the right type of guitar strings.

We are going to provide you with you’d details of how to tell if you have the wrong type of strings for your acoustic guitar.

Do not make these mistakes as you replace your guitar strings

Changing your guitar strings and getting the right one is a simple thing. There are mistakes people make when they want to change the strings of their electric or acoustic guitars.

Easily avoidable and common mistakes include if you don’t get the correct new guitar string.
There are various guides you could use to learn the steps on what it takes when you want to change your guitar strings.

Signs you have wrong guitar strings

If you go for a brand that is inferior. It might damage your guitar. You need to get a string that has the specified gauge just like the one which would fit your guitar.

Vintage guitar gauge definition

Knowing this is the secret to knowing if you have the wrong type of strings for your acoustic guitar or not.

Gauge is the string’s thickness level. If you get the wrong type of strings or use it on a gauge that your guitar has not used before. The possibility of it damaging your guitar is quite high. You should try not using a string that doesn’t have the same gauge definition as your vintage guitar.

If you ever notice whenever that you want to change the abs of your guitar, you should try using heavy strings. This would drag the neck of your guitar, change the action, and before you know it, your guitar would have a brand new very different feel.

If you change it to a higher string, the truss rod that’s on your guitar could end up feeling overcompensated. The action would become lower. It could buzz or rattle whenever you play.

How to Kayak for Beginners

You’re a beginner kayaker. If that’s you that I just mentioned two seconds ago, welcome to this piece. Let’s talk about what you need to know, shall we?

Necessary Gear for Kayaking

Anyone that you’ll be getting your boat from would give you these items:


You should make sure that you get the best size for yourself. 

PFD or coast guard Personal Flotation Device.

Make sure you select one that fits you appropriately.

Bilge Pump 

It would be horrible if you get stranded on the way. It would be best if you pumped something which is not available. 

Spray Skirt

Make sure you get calm days. You could go optional on warm too. 

You should wear the necessary clothes. Let me give a breakdown of the types of clothes you should wear.

List of essential clothes to wear 

Shorts or swimwear 

Make sure they are not binding and not made of cotton materials.

Neoprene footwear 

Don’t wear any other type. I beg of you. 

Sun shielding hat.

The sun is not going to be funny. Don’t joke with your hats. 

Lightweight jacket or a fleece vest 

These are dependent on the weather, though.

Rain jacket, spray jacket and some pants.

These are also dependent on the weather. 

Suppose the weather there is colder than sixty degrees Fahrenheit. You would need to get a wetsuit. 

List of personal items.

For this list. Don’t forget about your ten essentials. They include the following necessities. 

  1. Lots of water 
  2. Energy snacks. You could get lunch for you to go on very long tours.
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Lip balm 
  5. Sunscreen 
  6. Retainers for your sunglasses
  7. First aid kit
  8. Signaling whistle
  9. A watch to give yourself more than enough time to go back to shore
  10. Headlamp. In case you waste so much time going back to shore.
  11. Dry bags are for things you do not want to get wet. 

Ways to adjust your Kayak

Make sure you adjust your Kayak onshore. This would be comfortable and more stable to paddle. 

You should snug your butt quite well against your seatback. If you have a boat that lets you properly fine-tune your seat angle, you should do anything you like so you would feel better and more comfortable. For power and balance, you need to sit upright. 

It would be best if you placed your feet’ balls on your footpegs. You should also check and see if there’s any bend on your knees.

How to Kayak on your Boat 

You should make sure you have bent knees, and they are in proper contact with both cockpit sides. These would help you control your side-to-side motion, and then you would enjoy your boat as you go paddling. Your fit should be adequately snug. Don’t let it get so jammed in. If that happens, it’ll be a little bit difficult to get out of it if the boat wants to tumble. These are the reasons you should get everything in place before it is too late.

How to Skateboard for Beginners

I am human, I learn, I fall, I try again, I live, I breathe. When you want to learn how to do something, you need to start from somewhere. If you want to learn how to skateboard, and you do not know any Ollie from the elbow, then you are welcome to the right place. You could learn how to get on the right gear and properly learn how to skate like a pro. Learning how to stand on the board and comfortably ride without falling can easily help you stick to your boards and this, in turn, would help you ride too.  

Look at these Methods and Learn a few Tricks 

Staying on the Board 

Have you tried standing comfortably on the skateboard without falling to the ground? There isn’t a specific way to stand on this board. What you need to do is to set the board on stable ground. Like a carpet or the grass. Put it in a place that the board wouldn’t easily roll. Make sure that you put a foot in front of the other properly lined up as the truck screws. 

Regular foot means you have your left foot forward to your right foot. This generally means you would push using your right foot and then ride using the left arm. 

What is Goofy Foot

This means you have got your right foot in front. This means there isn’t anything unusual about this stance of yours. It is simply as common as your typical footedness.

What is Mongo Foot?

This is a term that is not usual. This refers to a stance used for riding which places the forward foot as a foot that is used to push. This could be natural to you at first. Do not make this a habit. Riding Mongo would trust me to create a motion of swinging that’s awkward. These can easily reduce and limit your capabilities using tricks. You could also run using many high risks of the board slipping out as you are simply trying to ride. 

How do I feel about Skateboard for Beginners?

Like I stated earlier, whenever I see people skateboarding, I feel like levitating and entering their bodies using the powers they have to ride and soar on the roads or the tracks for the skateboarders. I’ve never skateboarded before. Though I know I would love it with all of my beings. It is a cool sport, it keeps people fit. It shows you’ve made it through another day and you need to celebrate. You are thriving, made it alive and you want to show everyone you can have fun today. I honestly want you if you have the desire to you know, learn how to skateboard to get out of the house, buy yourself that skateboard and go and have some fun. It would be epic and grand if you have friends that would go skateboarding with you. Or people around that can teach you a trick or two. I hope you have fun through this new adventure of yours.  

How to Blow Smoke Rings

This article would talk a little bit about how you can blow your smoke rings. Before you begin you need to get ready to follow the following steps. 

Steps to Blow Smoke Rings 

  1.  You need to inhale the smoke partially and then keep the smoke in your throat. Do not keep the smoke in your mouth. This could take a while for you to get used to this step. You could cough if it is your first time. 
  1. You need to move your tongue towards the back of your throat. When your mouth gets closed, you should draw your tongue back and keep all of it pointing down towards the bottom of your mouth. This would allow the smoke to move far away from your lips. 
  1.  You should shape your mouth to look like an O shape. At the same time, you could stick your lips like you want to say the word boot. The circle should be very big. Make this circle comfortably. Do not stress a lot. You should leave a lot of room for movement. It wouldn’t look good to everyone else till they find out that soon, you’ll pop their minds. 
  1. You should then push small amounts of smoke. One of the best ways you can describe how to do this is by the type of sound you make as you slightly choke. When you contract your glottis and then you push the amount of air through your lips. You would feel a pressure amount and then a quick smoke burst. Your vocal cords shouldn’t be used though. This exhale should be a whisper gutturally. 
  1. Try your best not to push a small air amount from your lower throat without taking a breath & without moving the lower part of your jaw. Once you become a master of this technique, your rings should be a very simple thing to come. 
  1. You can keep your lips in a particular position as you push out little bits of air from your mouth. 

This is a very difficult part of blowing these smoke rings. You need to make sure that your tongue is honestly very far back of your mouth. You should have more than enough smoke to form rings. These should be more than enough for you to breathe the smoke out of your mouths the way you desire. 

So there we have it, using these instructions stated above, you now know how to blow smoke rings properly like a PRO. Not everyone can do this. Some people have been blowing smoke for years and they are not yet masters of the art. So when you start and it doesn’t seem to look great the first time, you should simply calm down, try it again. But as my catchphrase says, you cannot come and go and kill yourself. If you start coughing and the smoke doesn’t want to get blown in peace, my dear leave it and rest. You can try it again later for sure. No judgment.

How to make a natural treatment for poison ivy

Have you recently come in contact with the poison ivy plant and have begun to see ugly little rashes on your skin? Chances are you are allergic to the plant. Have you gotten tired of using over the counter drugs and creams and want something more natural? Well, you are in the right place.

The poison ivy rash can be very embarrassing, especially when it appears in a place where your clothes can’t hide it. The itch gives you a level of discomfort that your body and mind cannot deal with, which is why you have to get rid of it without wasting time. This article will show you how to do just that naturally.

Natural treatments for poison ivy and how to make them

Below are some of the natural treatments that can get rid of poison ivy in no time. I have also put a few steps to making them yourself at home. Feel free to try the one that works for you. You can also try out this amazing oak cream.

1. Baking soda bath

Baking soda bath is simple. When you have the rash from poison ivy, your next move should be to do everything to get rid of it. Some of the other remedies you may have seen may require you to apply the treatment and leave it for some minutes. 

For somebody who goes out early and comes back late, you may not have the time for that, which is what makes the baking soda bath a good option. Just pour some baking soda in your lukewarm bathing water and have a full bath with it.

2. Aloe Vera gel

The aloe vera gel has been used over the years and even over centuries to treat several illnesses, including skin conditions. How to use the aloe vera gel? Squeeze out the content of the aloe vera leaf into a small can, apply the gel to the area of your skin that is affected, and leave it there for at least 30 minutes. Note that you can leave it as long as you want. 

3. Cucumber slices

Cucumber has a lot of health benefits to your system when you eat it; imagine applying it on your skin and leaving it for some minutes. Doing this repeatedly will help you clear out your poison ivy rash and will hardly leave any scar. All you have to do is get a tuber of cucumber, slice it into several pieces, and apply the slices on your skin. It is as simple as that.

4. Baking soda and water paste

For those who have more time and don’t think the soda bath is effective enough, you can try the baking soda and water paste. It is very easy to make. Just pour some water into a small bowl, add baking soda gently and stir the mixture until it forms a paste. Apply the paste on your skin and leave it for at least 30 minutes. 

If, after trying these natural remedies, you don’t see any improvement after one week, you should consider seeing your doctor for further assistance.

Public Speaking Tutorial for Giving a Toast at a Wedding

Giving a toast at a wedding sounds very easy till you are called up to do it. If you are not careful, you might just be at a loss of what to say. Usually, if you are going to give a toast at a wedding, you will be informed beforehand. This gives you time to prepare your speech. Those who give toasts at a wedding ceremony are usually close to the couple. A stranger cannot be called upon to give a toast.

A wedding toast could either be funny or memorable, it could be sweet or embarrassing. The couple always wishes it would be more fun than embarrassing. Of course, they have no idea what you are going to say till you say it.

Preparing A Speech For The Toast

Bear in mind that your wedding toast has to be meaningful. You don’t need to get all worked up over what you are going to say. Just keep it light and unique. Here’s an outline:

  • Start by congratulating the couple on tying the knot: Let them know how happy you are that they are getting married and how you are excited to witness it happen
  • Introduce yourself to the guests and tell them your relationship with the couple
  • You can tell a little story to easy tension
  • Focus on the couple and not one of the pair. Even if you don’t know one of them that well, try to include them in your toast
  • A little humor is fine
  • Ask everyone to raise their glasses to the couple, cheers, glasses together, and a sip from the glass.

Tips To Help You

1. Give examples: If you’re talking about how loyal the bride or groom is, give an instance. You could tell the guests a story or share an experience you had that shows the person is loyal.

2. Your toast should be quick. At most, your toast should take about 5 minutes. Anything higher than that is too much.

3. Try not to embarrass the couple. Since you are a friend of the couple, you must have embarrassing experiences with them. Try as much as possible not to bring it up.

4. Don’t overstuff your speech with unnecessary things. Go straight to the point.

5. Practice before D-Day.

Here are some things to help you:

1. What is your favorite memory of the bride or groom?

2. What has the relationship of the couple taught you?

3. What are the qualities you admire in them?

4. How did you know they were meant to be?

Giving a toast at a wedding is not a big deal. Even if you haven’t faced a crowd before, it’s something you can easily get over with. Practice a lot before the wedding day and you will be great at it. Don’t forget to be all smiles while giving your toast. Have it in mind that you have to make the couple proud and make their wedding fun!

Immune Supportive Recipes for Flu Season

During the fall season, the last thing you would want for yourself is to be seen with uncontrolled cough, body aches, excessive cold, runny nose, etc. But, somehow, you find yourself going through these things and you wonder, “how come?”

Now, this is where the problem all begins. You start thinking of how to set things in place and get back on your feet. At this point, you need to develop a meal plan to fall back on for the purpose of supporting your immune system. This is just so you would be able to retain your breath and be free from the unfriendly weather.

In this piece, we shall outline some of the best immune-supportive recipes for the flu season. Let’s get started!

1. Blueberry Orange and Almond Pancakes with Orange Maple Glaze

I guess we already know the primary function of orange. As an antioxidant, this meal will help boost and enhance your immune system greatly. This should be something for everyone!

2. Broccoli Rabe and Kale Harvest Salad

This combo is loaded with lots of vitamins A, E, and C. Broccoli Rabe and Kale Harvest also have a large number of antioxidants and fiber contents in it. For someone who’s looking to be flu-free this season, this should be your go-to combo for the overall good of your health.

3. California Salmon

Salmon is one of the most basic things you need for a general improvement of your health. This means that you should endeavor to consume this seafood more. When it’s lightly seasoned, you’ll love to have a taste of it because, WOW, it sure feels great. Here! We want to help you enhance your immunity, and this is one of the best recipes!

4. The Right Food Supplement

The importance of food supplements can’t be overemphasized. In the absence of the basic meals needed, you can use a food supplement to fill in for what you have lost in real meals. If you’re looking for a good supplement that can perfectly fit this purpose, you can opt for LivOn Labs Lypo Spheric Vitamins.

5. Chicken with Garlic Parsley

When it comes to enhancing the immunity of the body’s immune system, protein is one of the most considered classes of food that helps with this. It stimulates your immune system by providing it with amino acids. Chicken as a meal can load your body system and protein since it’s one of the right sources. When combined with garlic and parsley, the taste of the chicken is improved and comes out palatable. Your taste buds are about to be teased!

6. Tuscan Broccoli Tomato Tarts

The nutrients contained in Tuscan Broccoli Tomato Tarts are basically part of what you need to keep you going. They will protect your body system from bacterias during the fall. The tarts make this meal a delicious one, you will definitely love it.

These are some of the immune-supportive recipes for the flu season. When implemented, you’ll get properly guarded against bacteria, which tend to attack your immune system. You can also get supplements here to boost your immunity.

Sculpted Cake Tutorial for Themed Birthday Parties

Are you thinking of taking your birthday up a notch with some sizzling birthday ideas? Do you want to go from an ordinary plain cake to something more appealing to the eyes and taste buds? Don’t worry. We’ll create something interesting with this article.

Making a sculpted cake can be very challenging. The difficulty starts with choosing which theme you intend to use, and then it moves to which colors and which products are best for coloring food. If you have answered those questions, you can then move to the actual creation of the cake.

If you’re planning a party and you want to post your pictures on social media to see, you shouldn’t use this tutorial for your cake as you would need some level of expertise to carry it out. The steps in this tutorial should help you with whatever theme of sculpted cake you want to make. Here are the steps.

1. Pick the theme you want to use.

This is the most important thing to do. It’s going to influence all the other choices you’ll make. For starters, you should consider choosing a simple theme, maybe like a dog’s face, a small baby’s shirt, or something of that nature. Picking difficult themes will get you frustrated, and you might end up losing interest in learning this fantastic craft.

2. Get your ingredients prepared.

It is only natural that this one should come next after picking your theme. Here’s where you have to choose how big you want the cake to be. Remember that if you’re copying one in a picture, it behoves you to decide if you want it bigger or smaller. Just make sure it can go into your oven without breaking apart.

3. Get the measurements.

If you have a small oven, I’ll advise that you first measure the size of your oven to know the limits of your cake. You don’t want to build a gigantic cake that cannot fit in your oven. When you’ve done the measurements of your oven, you can now decide how big, long, or wide you want your cake to be.

4. Mix the ingredients.

I’ll assume that you already know the process of making your batter and that you only need some help baking a sculpted cake. Mix every ingredient you want in your cake but make sure you don’t have too much water in it to make it easier to form whatever shape you want.

5. Start building.

Mold the cake to look exactly like what you see in the picture. Make sure you’re working with a picture to make sure that you don’t miss the mark. For starters, always go with something simple. If you’re building big sculptures, you can bake two separate cakes and join them together during the finishing. However, if you have a bigger oven, you can create the sculpture all at once and put it all in the oven to bake.

These tips should help you with any kind of sculpted cake you want to bake for your birthday.

DIY Cheerleading Costume for Halloween Tutorial

Halloween is just around the corner. While so many people are already choosing the trending pop culture fashion ideas to rock to their Halloween parties, those of us who are more inclined towards crafts and practicality would want to design something unique to just us.

In this article, I’m going to show you a DIY cheerleading costume for Halloween tutorial. For the most part, what makes a cheerleading costume what it is should be the pompoms. The other things can be purchased from the store. Let’s look at how to make some of these things yourself.

Make the Skirt

You can decide to use an old short pleated skirt, but if you want to make your own, you must follow these steps. It is challenging to complete, but it is worth it.

1. Take your measurements.

Measure all the essential parts. Mean your waist and the length. This is to ensure that the skirt sits firmly on you.

2. Cut your fabric and hem the bottom of the skirt.

It is vital to hem the bottom of the so before you sew the edges of the material together ,because it is easier that way, even for experts.

3. Create a seam allowance and mark your pleats.

If you don’t create a seam allowance, you’re going to end up with a cheerleading skirt that is too tight. Also, draw the pleats with a ruler to ensure that they’re all of the same sizes.

4. Pin the pleats, iron them out, and sew.

To make the pleats stay still, you have to pin the pleats and iron them out to make it easier to sew.

5. Make a waistband.

Remember that you have to sew the top of the skirt, because that’s where you’re going to place your waistband on.

6. Add a zipper to one side of the skirt.

You can decide to add a zipper to both sides, but that’s going to take a lot of work. You might need an expert to do that for you. Just sew the zipper to both edges of the material to hold them together.

7. Cut off any excess thread.

You can now begin to remove any excess thread that may make the skirt look unprofessional. Make sure that you’re as careful as you can be when you do this.

Making the Top

To make things easy for you, you can simply get a beautiful vest or a cool sweater (if you want to go old school). Use a marker to write the name of your team or school on it. If you don’t think that’s going to be cool enough, you can give the job to a professional painter to help you inscribe your name or the name of your team on it.

Making the Pompoms

Pompoms require a lot of work. But whatever you’re doing with the pompoms, ensure that you have up to 4 colors combined and cut them into equal sizes to make them dance around when you dance.

With these steps, you would have made a beautiful, cheerleading outfit.

How to Puree Fruits and Vegetables

Sometimes what your soups actually need is a burst of richness from using well-processed vegetables and fruits. It’s also a plus for nursing mothers who want to prepare their own healthy baby food at home.

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can easily puree fruits and vegetables that you can store up for whenever you have a delicacy to prepare. One thing you must note is that pureed fruits and vegetables are not used for every soup or sauce you’re making. Which one you use and how you use it would depend on your recipe.

Simple ways to puree fruits and vegetables

Below are the simple steps to take to puree fruits and vegetables.

Go for fresh and ripe fruits and vegetables

Do you remember when I said you don’t need every fruit or vegetable for every recipe? Now if the soup or dish that you feel you constantly need pureed fruits and veggies, then choose the really ripe ones. Keep in mind that they also have to be fresh. You don’t want fruits that are near spoilage.

Also bear in mind that you want to choose vegetables and fruits that have the proclivity to become soft after you have cooked them. This would make it easier to puree them. Choose veggies like potatoes and carrots, which are perfect to puree.

Set the fruits up for cooking

After washing and the vegetables and fruits, you can now cook them. To do this, you would need to already have boiling water on the stove. You don’t want to throw the fruits into the water when it’s still cold to prevent it from soaking too much water.

Pour the already washed and peeled fruits and vegetables inside the pot and cover it for about 20 minutes. By this time you’re sure that they are already well cooked. Remove the cooked veggies from the pot and place them in another bowl to cool before blending.

Pureeing the fruits and vegetables

Now, depending on the level of smoothness that you want, you can decide to use an electric blender, a food mill, or just an immersion blender. An important thing to keep in mind is that you’re to make sure that the fruits and veggies are smooth and soft.

Add some water if you have to, but don’t do it because you’re trying to increase the quantity. If you want the pureed food to be more, you’ll have to buy more vegetables.

Store the pureed fruits

Get a jar, a bowl, or just about anything that has a firm cover and pour your pureed food inside it. Cover it up and store it in the refrigerator for use later. You should keep these in the refrigerator for weeks or months for it to freeze. All you have to do when you need it is to boil it for a while and it’s good to go again.

With these simple steps you’d have successfully pureed your fruits and vegetables. Also note that not every veggie is suitable for every recipe.