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Create a New Page in phpBB2

Submitted by Reiji Kurosaky, Feb 2007.
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But what´s that? There´s something like {L_CONTENT} in the template file, how do I create my own variables?

Just go to your tos.php file, find:

  1. $template->pparse(‘body’); 
And before, add:
  1. $template->assign_vars(array(
  2.    ‘L_TOS_TITLE’ => $lang[‘tos_title’],
  3.    ‘L_CONTENT’ => $lang[‘content’])
  4. ); 
And were done. 😉 With this tutorial you should be able to add a TOS (or whatever page you want) to your forum and let it be compatible with whichever style you´re using and whichever language your forum is, without having to include different tos files.

Hope this help you somehow.
Page: 4

Pages: [1] [2] [3] [4]

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