How to Draw a Cat Step by Step

Anybody can draw!  Do not allow the naysayers to get you down. While the place of talent cannot be downplayed in every artistic venture, a lot also has to be said of the endeavor and enterprise necessary to draw. As the saying goes, where there’s a will, there is a way. In this article, we will teach you how to draw a cat step by step.

Step 1: Study Cats

By this, we mean research into cats so that you understand their anatomy. The truth remains that you cannot draw that which you do not know or cannot describe well. A study of cats entails research into what they look like, their walking and sitting postures.


Step 2: Draw a straight vertical line

If you believe that you cannot achieve a straight vertical line freehand, make use of a ruler. This vertical line could be of any reasonable length of your choosing but bear in mind that this line will be used as a base of comparison for other sizes and angles.


Step 3: Horizontal marks

Next, mark the top and the base of the vertical line that you have drawn with small horizontal lines. Next, place a mark in the middle of the vertical line and then divide each half into halve again, thereby creating a total of four segments that are equal in length.


Step 4: Draw a large Oval

The next step is to draw a large oval (not a circle) shaped almost like an egg to represent the body of the cat. Begin the oval from the second horizontal mark on your vertical line and end the oval in such a way that it is just a bit above the base.


Step 5: Draw a Circle

The circle represents the head of the cat. The circle is to begins just below the uppermost horizontal mark and comes to its end just beneath the top of the oval body.


Step 6: Draw the Ears

To draw the ears of the cat, proceed to draw two triangles by drawing vertical lines upwards from the side of the circle that can be traced to the second horizontal mark. These vertical lines should stop once there are on par with the top of the initial vertical line in Step 2. Then using freehand or the aid of a ruler, draw a diagonal line from the vertical line you have just drawn upwards and make sure the line meets the circle on both sides- leaving ample space in the middle.


Step 7:

Draw four small ovals at the base of the oval that represents the cat’s body to represent its paws


Step 8:

Draw four long ovals to represent the cat’s legs. Two of these ovals representing the forelimbs of the cat should be positioned almost at the middle and the lower arc of the cat while the other two representing the hind limbs should be about half the size of the former and should overlap out of the oval a bit.


Step 9: Draw the features and erase all the shapes used in the construction

Next, you sketch the shapes of your cat’s nose, eyes, and mouth. The eyes should be positioned on either side of the second horizontal mark and then frame out the nose and mouth. Then, outline the curves face, body and limbs so that you can finally clean off all the construction drawing shapes and leave a pictorial illustration of a cart staring back at you.


Of course, as with everything, practice makes perfect.