How to Get Rid of Ants

Although most ain’t are not deadly they are still pests and they are called that for a reason. If you have ever been bitten by one or have unknowingly stumbled onto a bunch then you know that special world of hurt ants can take you to. Say they don’t even bite you they can get in food and also carry bacteria around and nest in furniture. If you are looking for a way to get rid of ants you’ve come to the right place. Here are some simple methods that can help you get rid of those pests.

Boiling water 

If you notice any ant holes near the vicinity of your home just pour some boiling water, it will immediately kill them. This is the definition of simple but effective.

Eliminate entrances 

 There is a saying that prevention is better than a cure. If you block their way in then you won have to worry about getting them out. Look for cracks and holes in walls and near windows then seal them up.

Silicon dioxide 

  Silicon dioxide commonly known as diatomaceous earth is a type of silicon made from aquatic fossil remains called diatoms. It kills ants by absorbing their skeleton’s oil which eventually dries them out. Although it’s not a poison avoid contact with skin or inhalation.

Using peppermint

Peppermint is a natural bug deterrent, to get rid of ants using peppermint mix peppermint oil with water, and spray around windows and possible entrances. Do this repeat this as many times as needed to prevent ants from entering your home.

Boric acid

Boric acid kills ants by eroding their skeleton and stomach. To use boric acid first put on some gloves mix 8 teaspoons of sugar with half a teaspoon of boric acid and one cup water. Soak cotton balls in the solution and place where you would usually see ants. Note that boric acid can be hazardous so keep away from the reach of children and pets and dispose of containers used in mixtures properly.

Cleaning ant trails 

When you see one Ant there are more to follow as ants leave trails as they go. Cleaning with regular detergent may not be enough to completely remove the trail. A mixture that will help is lemon juice, spray it at the side of your house windows and doors will help to prevent and from following their trails.

 Cut off their food supplies

Another way you can get rid of ants is by starving them away or to death. You can do this by making sure all food is properly sealed, cleaning regularly to remove crumbs, and always taking out the trash can help you avoid an ant infestation.


This is another item used in the extermination and prevention of ants. Mix in a one ratio one with water then use it to clean your home’s surfaces to prevent ants.

Call pest control 

If all else fails or the situation seems to have gotten out of hand call your local professional to get the job done for you