How to Hard Boil Eggs

Whenever you want to boil your eggs, you should have it in mind that everyone loves eggs that are boiled perfectly. It is quite difficult to know when an egg has been cooked perfectly. You should simply relax and know that you have some tricks here which would let you know that your boiled egg is perfect. After you have finished mastering how to make hard-boiled eggs, you should be on your way to making hard Cobb salads, egg salad, perfectly deviled eggs that are worthy of your Easter brunch tables. 

How you can Hard Boil your Eggs 

1. Begin this using old eggs

This would sound quite weird, I know. You should make use of old eggs because they peel faster and more easily. You would not risk tearing up the white part of these. Making use of old eggs is a great way to make sure your eggs are peel-able without any stress. 

2. You need to make sure it boils

It does not matter the level it got ready, the step here is the same. You need to place your eggs in a large pot. You should also fill the entire pot using water. Make sure the entire pot boils using a medium amount of heat. You should then turn off the heat level using a cover with the lid. 

3. You need to set your timer

This is an extremely important step. If you want your eggs to be softly boiled, you should set your timer for only seven minutes. If you want them to be hard-boiled then you should set things for about eleven minutes. When we say that each second counts, you would not believe it. Lots of tests have been done to check how well the eggs boil over time. You need to get a huge water bowl ready. You should get it as the timer counts down. 

4. Shock the boiled eggs 

After your timer rings, you should transfer your eggs into that frozen water. This would shock the eggs and hold the cooking process. They just need to hang out in there for just a minute or only two. 

5. Peel away

Since you made use of eggs which are older, you should peel your eggs gently and it wouldn’t be so difficult this time. 

My thoughts on Hard-Boiled Eggs 

Let me start with the fact that I do not like boiled eggs. I do not enjoy the aroma of them. But I made boiled eggs for my Uncle two weeks back. I had a problem making these hard-boiled eggs because I’ve never done it before. So I had to check the internet using Google to find what I was looking for and ways I could properly hard boil the eggs. I used the procedures I learned online and I got wonderful results because the eggs I hard-boiled came out looking great and nice. My Uncle enjoyed them and he complimented me considering it was the first time I was making boiled eggs.