How to Make Bead Necklace Tutorial

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of people making bead necklaces, but the question is- do you know how to do it? Making bead necklaces may seem easy, but some techniques need to be practiced to achieve your desired results. That’s why I made this easy-to-follow beading tutorial so you’ll know all the steps in making a gorgeous bead necklace.

Beads are a popular crafting supply. You can make many different beaded crafts with them. There are beads available in a wide range of colors to help you create jewelry and other items in various colors. Use these tips to learn the basics of making your own bead necklace.

Making necklaces is tremendous fun, and they can be surprisingly quick to make. And depending on the beads and thread you use, they can last for years.

A beaded necklace is easy to make.


Choose beads.

A necklace of beads is a straightforward project. But to achieve a beautiful result, you have to know how to choose the suitable beads, arrange them, and finish.

The beads you choose will depend on what you want the necklace to do. Find a set of beads. If you have difficulty, try a craft store. The beads you need should come in lovely little bags, like beads for stringing jewelry. Decide what kind of necklace you want. If you want to make complicated patterns, it might help to draw them out; but if you’re planning to wear the necklace often, it’s better just to experiment.

Decide the appearance of your necklace.

Do you want to make it an item to wear or for display? Do you want a necklace of beads that hang down or a necklace that hangs around your neck? Do you want the beads to dangle from a long chain or from short, twisted cords

Decide what pattern you want.

Some patterns are easy. A string of beads, for example, is a matter of following the pattern. Other patterns are less accessible. A star, for example, requires you to hold the ends of the string together, which is awkward.

Decide on the Scale

Do you want to make a necklace that will hang down over your shoulders or one that will cover most of your body, with beads running up your arms, across your chest, over your belly, and down your back?


Decide what thread to use.

Threads often contain cotton or polyester. The thread you choose will depend on what you want the necklace to do. Find the right size of the string. Most craft stores have beading threads in lots of different sizes. The string you use will be about twice the length of your beads, so you need about 15 feet.

Wind the string around the beads.

When you wind, hold the thread taut, but don’t stretch it. On reaching¬† the end, tie it and take the string off. Then trim off the excess. You can string the beads on a wire if you want to, then wear the wire as a necklace.

String beads on a string.

You can string them the same way you strung them on the thread, but stringing them on a string is more accessible and then decide how you want to wear them.



Making necklaces is fun, and you can create beautiful arrays in no time. The materials are inexpensive, so you can experiment to find what works best. Making a bead necklace is relaxing and fun. Great satisfaction can come from giving a handmade necklace to someone you love or simply wearing it yourself. It’s time to create something that you can wear or give away! So, get your jewelry kit out and get started today.