How to Make French Toast

There are a lot of pieces of bread and toppings, there’s also a variety of French Toast one could make. We have Brioche French toast, Cinnamon French toast, French toast that tastes like Macchiato Caramel Starbucks, there’s even stuffed French toast. You could even make French toast using a mug. These are great for easy and quick French toast recipes. You need to start making this using cinnamon and vanilla extract. This would give your French toast a great rich flavor. You can then decide on which type of bread you would like to use. Bread types include bread made with whole wheat, French bread, Italian bread, or white bread. These are served using simple easy spiced syrup that’s done for tasty French toast. You can learn how to make easy and quick French toast right now. Let’s get to it, shall we? 

Prep Time is five minutes 

Cook time is also five Minutes 

It has ninety-five calories 

Ingredients you Need to Make French Toast

For four servings you need the following ingredients:

  1. An egg 
  2. Four bread slices 
  3. A quarter cup of milk 
  4. A half-cup teaspoon of grounded cinnamon 
  5. A teaspoon of pure vanilla extract 

How to Prepare this French Toast 

Step One 

This French Toast is very simple to make. You need to simply beat the eggs, add in cinnamon and vanilla inside a shallow dish and then stir it all with some milk. 

Step Two 

You can then dip your bread inside this mixture with eggs and then turn this to both sides gently and evenly 

You can then cook these slices of bread using a skillet or nonstick griddle. Make sure the heat is medium till it looks browned on both of its sides. You can then serve using simple spiced syrup. If you desire this. And that’s all, you’ve got your French toast. 

How to make the simple spiced syrup: add up a teaspoon of Pure Extract made with Vanilla and a quarter teaspoon of Cinnamon per cup of syrup made from pancakes. Stir this very well and then serve it as it is warm. You could serve it whichever way you desire, don’t mind me. 

Nutritional Information 

You get to enjoy ninety-five calories per 3g. There’s a gram of Fat, there are forty-eight grams of saturated fat. There are a hundred and fifty-five grams of cholesterol. There are thirteen grams of sodium. There’s a gram of carbohydrates, there are four grams of fiber and there’s some protein available in this French toast. 

As stated earlier, making French toast is easy, it is simple and it is very basic to make. It is just like soaking cereals but this time you don’t make use of water. Just make sure your egg mix up blends on all sides of your bread pieces and make sure you enjoy the taste of it. If you don’t enjoy the taste then there’s no fun in what you made anymore. Have fun making your French toast.