How to Make Guacamole

Let’s make some guacamole, shall we?


List of Ingredients to make guacamole 

You only need around eight simple ingredients to make this wonderful dip guacamole recipe.

These ingredients include the following:

  • Avocados

Make sure you either pick or purchase ripe avocados. Do not select avocados that are not ripe, or they would ruin your recipe.

  • Onion

Make use of yellow onion. Red onion works fine too.

  • Tomatoes

Select Roma tomatoes. These are not so juicy. You don’t want your guacamole to be watery now, do you?.

  • Cilantro 

This is an essential herb for your guacamole.

  • Jalapeño 

It would be best to have this serrano pepper to put in a little heat in your dip.

  • Garlic 

Some people enjoy their guacamole with a touch of garlic. You might not like it. That’s why this is optional.

  • Lime

Make use of freshly squeezed lime. Make sure you do not use jarred lime juice.

  • Salt 

Get a touch of salt, and it would bring your entire dip to life.


How should you select ripe avocados? 

Having great guacamole begins with having very fresh ingredients. It would be best if you looked for avocados that are firm and ripe. You also do not need or want mushy and soft avocados.

How do you select good ripe avocados? It would be best if you held the avocado’s which has their stem attached. If their branch were removed in a store, it would have a lot of brown spots inside. You need to press on one side gently. Make sure it is firm but can easily break.


Recipe to make guacamole 

It would be best if you sliced three rope ripe giant avocados in half. Then remove the pit and scoop all of them out inside a mixing bowl. Then make use of a fork and then mash them gently on your level of desired guacamole. You might like it either smooth or chunky. Then you add your salt, freshly squeezed lime juice, a touch of garlic, pepper, jalapeno, cilantro, tomatoes, and onions. That is it. You now have delicious guacamole.


My thoughts on Ways to Make guacamole

Hey! There are some ingredients I would have preferred to be on this list that isn’t on the list of ingredients. The things I could have or would have liked to add to this recipe include curry, thyme, pepper, red bell pepper, sweet corn, and some ground chicken pieces. The thing is, if you or I mistakenly put these ingredients in your guacamole, it would not be guacamole anymore, so when wishing for something you want to add and things you should not count, be careful and follow the instructions strictly. For me and all the things I would like to put on my guacamole, I would have to completely use those extra ingredients for another recipe. Guacamole is a dip. You know, something that is used to eat a lot of other things. One should not use it or eat it alone. If you do that, you will end up in a hospital. Trust me. So just use this simple recipe.