How to Make Playdough (No-Cook) for DIY Christmas Ornaments

Generally, children love this playdough no-cook a lot. That’s because it practically excites and tickles their minds. When you make playdough yourself, you should be able to tell the exact items that were involved in the making. Moreover, you get the chance to make exact customization of what your little one loves. This is much better than buying from a store. The truth is, there are lots of benefits that are attached to making playdough for your little one.

Probably,  you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to learn how to make playdough (no-cook) for DIY Christmas ornaments. Well, today is your lucky day! Today, I’ll be showing you a recipe that will help you achieve this in just 4 minutes! Stay put as we take you through this journey.

Here’s how to make this at home:


●  1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. You may also use baby oil or coconut oil.

●  2 cups of all-purpose plain flour

●  1.5 cups of boiling water. (Add more when needed at intervals.)

●  1/2 cup of salt

●  2 tbsp tartar cream

●  Food coloring (gel)

●  Few drops of glycerin

These are the ingredients that would help you achieve playdough faster.


When preparing playdough, some instructions are to be adhered to. This is so as to not make certain mistakes that should have been avoided. Let’s take a look.

●  Combine the salt, flour, tartar cream, and oil. Then, mix them properly inside a mixing bowl.

●  In the booking water and dry ingredients, add your food coloring respectively.

●  Keep stirring the mixture until you it attains a sticky consistency.

●  Put in the glycerin.

●  Let it cool for some time, remove it from the bowl, and keep kneading it until it loses all its stickiness. (You should take this part seriously as it’s the most essential part of this process.)

●  Add more flour, if it remains a bit sticky.

 Boom! It’s readyyyyy!

The playdough can be kept or stored in an airtight container. This should be done for 6 months (minimum). Depending on your environment, you may want to store in a refrigerator sometimes.

For the colors, you can use Wilton Gel. This is because they tend to be more vibrant, and most times, it requires a little quantity of color for the playdough.  They are also required in a couple of other activities.

After making the playdough, you can go ahead to get your little one some of the important items that are supposed to make up a playdough kit. Also, ensure that you get the quality ones.

As described earlier, playdough is more like a child’s companion. You can decide to check out some of the tip benefits of letting your child play with a batch. If you have an idea that’s different from ours, you are free to share it with us. This article is a comprehensive recipe for how to make playdough (no-cook) for DIY Christmas ornaments. I hope you find this very helpful!