How To Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Card

It is the month of February and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. This is a period of love. It is that period where you show your loved ones how much you love them. Of course, a lot of Valentine’s day cards and flowers will be sent out. It could be to your significant other, family members, friends, and so on. Whichever person it is, ensure to give them something from the depth of your heart. One good way to do this is to send them homemade Valentine’s day cards. Yes! A card you made yourself from the scratch.

It is quite easy to make Valentine’s day cards or any card at all. You only need to have the materials and follow the procedure carefully. In less than 30 minutes, you will be done with it. Valentine’s day is a day to show someone that you care about. When you present them with your card, they’ll realize that you care about them so much to craft something but yourself. Of course, you can always buy them an already made card. However, a handmade card is more unique. You know what the person likes and can incorporate it into the card.

Here are materials to make a Valentine’s Day card:

1.  White cardboard paper and plain paper

2. Markers

3. Glitter

4. Glue

5. Pen or pencil

6. A pair of scissors


1. Cut the cardboard paper to be shaped like a card. It could be a rectangular card, square card, circle, or whichever shape you like. Set it aside.

2. Using the scissors again, cut the plain white paper to be love-shaped.

3. Apply a little glue at the back of the love-shaped plain paper and stick into the cardboard. Allow drying for a few minutes.

4. Write your love notes inside the paper. You can write things like “I love you”, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, and so on.

5. Using the markers, design the front and back of the cardboard paper. You can also add some designs inside. You can draw little hearts and color them red. This is why white cardboard paper is preferable.

6. Use the glitter as a finish. This will make it sparkly and more beautiful.

7. Your Valentine’s card is ready!

That was easy, wasn’t it? It is a homemade card and so, you can design it however you want. You may also want to use stickers on the card. Accompany your card with a little gift and the person getting it will be extremely happy. It could be flowers, perfume, Valentine’s key holder, and so on. You can shop for gifts from a nearby supermarket. They are aware of the season and will have gifts in stock.

If you need to send a card to someone over the internet, you can design your own Valentine’s day card with several available templates on the internet. Get the templates, make your unique design, and send it across to the person.

Happy Valentine’s Day!