How to Plant a Pine Tree

Pine trees are beautiful. You will want to get the seeds and plant them in your homes or at spaces you love. That’s a great idea. If you want to learn how to plant a pine tree, then this article is for you.

How to Plant Pine Tree – Step by Step

Site Preparation

You need to get the site where the pine would be planted ready. Get rid of weeds and grasses by using a spraying root killing herbicide like rascal, tumbleweed, roundup, and the others. After about a week, you could mechanically remove everything on the site of planting. Then you should free the soil either by tilling or spading.

Check how water flows through the land, check for about 12 hours. If the drainage is not adequate, try installing land drain if it is possible. If it isn’t possible to get another site for the planting of the tree or get a type of pine tree that likes wet soils.

Pine Tree Planting

You can easily plant this tree with a sapling or from seed. If you want to plant it from seeds, gather the seeds by lifting the pinecones upside down and shake it without force.

When you get the seeds, put them in water, and keep those that float. The one that sinks would do you no good. Air the seeds and keep them in a container that is airtight until it is time to plant. Usually around the first weeks of January or December.

Get a small pot of soil and then water the soil. Put the seed a little bit under the surface of the soil. The seed should be placed vertically while the pointy part of it should be faced down.

Get the pot and put it close to a sunny window. Don’t forget to water it regularly.

Patiently watch as the needles of the pine tree come out of the soil. Don’t think about anything changing until March or April. As the needles continue coming out, they follow the angle of the sun. You have to keep turning the pot every time so the needles would grow straight.

At this point, you should take your seedling outdoors. Put it in a particular spot till the pine tree outgrows the pot.

How to Plant a Pine Tree Sapling

For those who want to plant a tree sapling, you should plant it while the roots of the sapling are all wrapped in burlap.

This are what you need to do while planting a pine sapling.

·       Create a hole that is more than the width twice and it should not be deeper than the height of the burlap.

·       Put the burlap in the hole and lift the burlapped pine tree by holding the ball.

·       Don’t put a lot of water, and watch it grow till it is ready to be transplanted to its official site.

These are ways to plant your beautiful pine trees. Enjoy the views when they grow.