How to Repot a Peace Lily

brown clay pot on gray concrete

There is nothing more amazing to use in decorating your house or your leaving room than a Peace Lily. This plant adds dimensions to a room and gives it life.

It’s common to find these plants potted in the leaving room of a building and other rooms around the how. That’s why it has become a favorite for home decorations.

But for some reason, you may need to repot the plant and if you need to, what steps can you take? This article will discuss just that.

How to know when a peace plant needs replanting.

A Peace Lily is a very beautiful plant for decorating a home. So if you are interested in planting this plant or you already have a plant, how do you know when it’s time to replant?

If your plant is rootbound, growing out of the pots drainage hole, its easy to know that it’s time to replant.

The whole fact of the plant being rootbound means that the plant is unable to absorb water due to its roots being crowded. And so if the plant can no longer absorb water, then it will be difficult for the plant to stay healthy and fresh.

If that happens, it is now time to replant your Peace Lily. So if your plant has roots that have grown out and are sticking through the drainage, how do you go about repotting?


It is now to repot your peace, Lily. What are the steps needed in carrying out this important task?


It is a very important task when repotting a peace Lily. But what tools are required in carrying out a safe repotting of a Peace Lily?

  • A new flower pot.
  • Hand gloves.
  • Good soil.
  • Fertilizer.

These are just a few of the needed tools that will help in the safe repotting of this plant. Remember to also get safety tools as well.


This is another very interesting step and in my opinion a very important step. It will require you to take a thin wire and tying it loosely around the plant.

This is very important because it prevents the leaves and the plant from being all over the place when it’s time to remove the plant.


This is another very important step for the safe removal of the plant from its old pot. This step will require you first of all softening the soil by wetting it.

This will make the soil strength weekend allowing you the opportunity to move to the next step. But remember to watch out for roots when loosening the soil so as not to damage the plant.


This is a more gentle step, a step that should be done with great care because the whole life of the peace Lily depends on how gently you carry out this task.

Ensure that you remove the plant from the pot with care so as not to damage the roots.

  • REPOT.

There are a lot of things involved in repotting a peace Lily, but the most important thing to do is to peeper the Soil of the new pot and make sure it has enough nutrients.

This will ensure that the plant regains its freshness, and enjoys life in the new pot.