Making a bonfire isn’t as hard as it sounds. You just need space and know the right way to start a bonfire so you don’t hurt yourself or even worse end up starting forest fires. If you are planning your next camping trip, then you need to include all the things you need to start a bonfire. Luckily this article will equip you with how to start a bonfire.

Equipment you need to start a bonfire

Firewood, kindling, and tinder, of course, you need FIRE which you could get very easily if you’re with a Matchbox. TINdERS are usually very light materials that are highly flammable. Examples of tinder are straws, dried grass leaves, pieces of paper, etc.  Kindling is a thicker material than tinders They are easily flammable But burn a little more slowly than tinders. An example of kindling are twigs. the name firewood won’t sound strange. Fire Woods are logs that are about the same length as your forearm. It burns a lot more slowly and lasts for longer periods. The tinder is used to light the kindling and the Kindling is used to light up the firewood.

Before starting a bonfire it is essential to choose a very good location to dig your bonfire pit. The location must be bare ground or one with stones without any dried grass or trees. The space should be about 8 feet and should be cleared of anything that may cause a fire.

Once you’ve cleared up your space you’ll need to start digging. Why? Well, when the center you plan on making the fire is a little lowered the fire would be more controlled.

The next step is to set rocks in a circle around where you’ve dug. These rocks create a boundary between the burning wood and the flammable items.

Now how to set a bonfire

Firstly, lay the Tinder pieces in the center where the bonfire is to be created. NEXT, YOU STACK THE KINDER so they can lean on each other without any external support. The kindling should be stacked in a tepee style and little by little when the kindling stack is stable enough, start adding your firewood slowly still in a tepee style. Little space should be left open in the tepee stack in the direction the wind is blowing so that it would be much easier for air to enter to set up.

Next light the fire. This you can no by using a match or a lighter and igniting the Tinder through the small opening between the stacks.

Bonfire isn’t the same thing as campfires, it’s not meant to stay long. Before making a bonfire anywhere, make sure you have permission to do so. Be very cautious and make sure you’ve put the fire out completely, buried the ash with sand, and felt the site for any heat before leaving.  As you would not want anyone to get hurt or unintentionally start-up forest fires.