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What Is Photoshop?

This article explains what Photoshop is and why it is used.

What Is Photoshop?

At this time, Adobe Photoshop is quite simply the most popular program being used for web design and other related tasks. Additionally, it is also the leader of the Photoshop digital imaging line. It has received many awards ranging right back from 2002 through to 2005 according to the current developers website.


Photoshop is available on the three main platforms consisting of Windows, MAC and Linux. Photoshop has now started to be used largely in the internet industry because of the large amount of features and facilities that it has to offer, including vector based graphics which are very popular with web design.

Photoshop allows you to save a file type relative to photoshop (PSD) which will allow you to edit all the existing properties of an image without you have to create the image again. Again, this is very popular with web graphics for use with buttons and logos because of language translations and similar “textual” reasons. Webmasters are also picky on colour schemes, and Photoshop has the ability to turn layers “on” and “off” which supports the facility to have a button with more than one colour scheme.

Uses Summary

Adobe Photoshop is currently being used by millions of people including, but not limited to:

  • Graphic Artists

  • Web Designers

  • Print Designers

  • Visual Communicators

  • And many many more…

Now that we know who uses it, it gives you some idea of what application / purpose Photoshop is used for. Some specific examples are as follows:

  • Web Graphics

  • Internet Images

  • Photo Manipulation

  • Printing Publications

  • And many media applications…

Features Summary

The list below shows some basic features of Photoshop:

  • Batch processing

  • Color replacement

  • Shadow/highlight correction

  • Warping and brushing

  • Noise reduction

  • Special effect filters

Related Products

  1. Adobe Image Ready – has now become an application which is being combined with Photoshop and the internet to create animations.

  2. Adobe Premier – a very popular video editing program with support for different movie types, export options, text and transition effects.

  3. Adobe Photoshop Elements – a cut down version of Adobe Photoshop for the average home PC user with album organzing.

  4. Adobe Premier Elements – a cut down version of Adobe Premier for the family with support for DVD and scene creation.


To conclude, Photoshop is in basic terms – a paint program. It is widely used and has many years of development starting from 1988. Generally used in the printing business it is now becoming an important part of web design and development.

What Is Photoshop?