How to Blow Smoke Rings

This article would talk a little bit about how you can blow your smoke rings. Before you begin you need to get ready to follow the following steps. 

Steps to Blow Smoke Rings 

  1.  You need to inhale the smoke partially and then keep the smoke in your throat. Do not keep the smoke in your mouth. This could take a while for you to get used to this step. You could cough if it is your first time. 
  1. You need to move your tongue towards the back of your throat. When your mouth gets closed, you should draw your tongue back and keep all of it pointing down towards the bottom of your mouth. This would allow the smoke to move far away from your lips. 
  1.  You should shape your mouth to look like an O shape. At the same time, you could stick your lips like you want to say the word boot. The circle should be very big. Make this circle comfortably. Do not stress a lot. You should leave a lot of room for movement. It wouldn’t look good to everyone else till they find out that soon, you’ll pop their minds. 
  1. You should then push small amounts of smoke. One of the best ways you can describe how to do this is by the type of sound you make as you slightly choke. When you contract your glottis and then you push the amount of air through your lips. You would feel a pressure amount and then a quick smoke burst. Your vocal cords shouldn’t be used though. This exhale should be a whisper gutturally. 
  1. Try your best not to push a small air amount from your lower throat without taking a breath & without moving the lower part of your jaw. Once you become a master of this technique, your rings should be a very simple thing to come. 
  1. You can keep your lips in a particular position as you push out little bits of air from your mouth. 

This is a very difficult part of blowing these smoke rings. You need to make sure that your tongue is honestly very far back of your mouth. You should have more than enough smoke to form rings. These should be more than enough for you to breathe the smoke out of your mouths the way you desire. 

So there we have it, using these instructions stated above, you now know how to blow smoke rings properly like a PRO. Not everyone can do this. Some people have been blowing smoke for years and they are not yet masters of the art. So when you start and it doesn’t seem to look great the first time, you should simply calm down, try it again. But as my catchphrase says, you cannot come and go and kill yourself. If you start coughing and the smoke doesn’t want to get blown in peace, my dear leave it and rest. You can try it again later for sure. No judgment.