How to Cut a Pineapple

Hello, there today. This piece will be talking about the ways you should cut your pineapples. It would also talk about the enzyme inside pineapples that gives it that severe effect whenever you bite it or on your tongue. Keep reading this piece to know all about the enzyme and the nutrients we enjoy after consuming pineapples.

What is Bromelain?

Bromelain is an enzyme which is in pineapples that are also known as protease. It breaks various other proteins apart by breaking down different amino acids chains. Specifically, bromelain is a protease that is created from cysteine. This means it breaks different parts of proteins whenever there is a present cysteine amino acid.

Bromelain available in pineapples breaks down the protein available in the protective mucous lining and then the surface tissues available in our tongues and our mouths.

On its own, bromelain is not the only reason why pineapples irritate our tongues. Whenever one considers cysteine proteases available in papayas, also known as papain, they do not produce identical effects. Another reason is a result of the fact that pineapples have a high level of acidity. The irritating sensation increases whenever this trait gets coupled with the digesting of bromelain available in our mouth tissue.

Thankfully, our bodies quickly regenerate various cells, and then they repair the tissues in our mouth. This makes the feeling dissipate eventually.


Benefits of Bromelain

The benefits of this enzyme include the following;

  • Reducing sinus issues
  • Reducing high levels of inflammation and then
  • Improving the body’s rate of digestion.

There is evidence available scientifically surrounding the effectiveness of using bromelain to help with these issues.

Now let us discuss how you could cut your pineapples.


How to Cut your Pineapples

When I want to eat pineapples, I often cut the outer part out, then wash the insides with distilled water before I cut it into pieces for consumption. I do this using a very sharp knife that is well washed and disinfected. You know you need to make use of a very clean knife that would prevent all forms of infection from getting into your beautiful pineapple.

After peeling off the outer part, you use your knife and then cut the inner part of your pineapple using whichever shape or size you prefer. At home, we usually cut our pineapples using the circle shape. This way, from an average-sized pineapple, we could get around six pineapple slices.


You could get a pineapple cutter that has various shapes. It could cut your pineapples in the shape of a star, or the shape of a rectangle, or any other shape you prefer. The most important thing you should note is that, after you have cut your pineapples into the shape you want to eat them with, make sure you do not wash them with distilled water anymore. If you rewash them, you wash out the bromelain enzyme that is inside the pineapple. And you end up loosing one of the reasons you need to eat your pineapples.