How to Skateboard for Beginners

I am human, I learn, I fall, I try again, I live, I breathe. When you want to learn how to do something, you need to start from somewhere. If you want to learn how to skateboard, and you do not know any Ollie from the elbow, then you are welcome to the right place. You could learn how to get on the right gear and properly learn how to skate like a pro. Learning how to stand on the board and comfortably ride without falling can easily help you stick to your boards and this, in turn, would help you ride too.  

Look at these Methods and Learn a few Tricks 

Staying on the Board 

Have you tried standing comfortably on the skateboard without falling to the ground? There isn’t a specific way to stand on this board. What you need to do is to set the board on stable ground. Like a carpet or the grass. Put it in a place that the board wouldn’t easily roll. Make sure that you put a foot in front of the other properly lined up as the truck screws. 

Regular foot means you have your left foot forward to your right foot. This generally means you would push using your right foot and then ride using the left arm. 

What is Goofy Foot

This means you have got your right foot in front. This means there isn’t anything unusual about this stance of yours. It is simply as common as your typical footedness.

What is Mongo Foot?

This is a term that is not usual. This refers to a stance used for riding which places the forward foot as a foot that is used to push. This could be natural to you at first. Do not make this a habit. Riding Mongo would trust me to create a motion of swinging that’s awkward. These can easily reduce and limit your capabilities using tricks. You could also run using many high risks of the board slipping out as you are simply trying to ride. 

How do I feel about Skateboard for Beginners?

Like I stated earlier, whenever I see people skateboarding, I feel like levitating and entering their bodies using the powers they have to ride and soar on the roads or the tracks for the skateboarders. I’ve never skateboarded before. Though I know I would love it with all of my beings. It is a cool sport, it keeps people fit. It shows you’ve made it through another day and you need to celebrate. You are thriving, made it alive and you want to show everyone you can have fun today. I honestly want you if you have the desire to you know, learn how to skateboard to get out of the house, buy yourself that skateboard and go and have some fun. It would be epic and grand if you have friends that would go skateboarding with you. Or people around that can teach you a trick or two. I hope you have fun through this new adventure of yours.