Tips for Moving in Winter

Moving to a new home can be tough anytime of the year, but moving in winter comes with its own obstacles and challenges. Here are some tips for moving to a new house during the winter:


Be prepared for winter weather while moving . It goes without saying but every time you step outside, make sure you’re dressed properly – if moving on foot – for the cold, wet conditions. If you are moving by car , make sure you have all the necessary materials for moving in winter. Remember, it’s going to be cold, so dress accordingly.

If possible, try to move on a day where there isn’t expected to be precipitation, such as rain or snow. It’ll make things much easier for you as less stuff will get wet or dirty (It’s not fun doing that by hand). Also, cold temperatures can freeze pipes and increase the risk of breakage.

Try to pack light

Notice I didn’t say “pack nothing.” Unless you have a moving company coming in to take care of things for you, moving home is going to be one very long day filled with lots of walking and lifting (and probably some cursing). Save yourself the trouble; don’t move anything that isn’t essential , like that old bowling trophy or dresser that’s missing two legs (the latter would be me moving last summer but it was too funny not to mention).

Time of day

Get moving early! Since moving days are already long and arduous , do what you can to get everything done as quickly as possible. Try moving first thing in the morning in the winter since the sun goes down sooner. It’s also very cold outside in the evening. If moving late, grab a flashlight – it’ll be dark soon anyway! It might also help if you keep moving forward during transport (in other words, don’t dilly dally because this isn’t the time)!

Kids and Pets

Keep pets and children inside until moving is done. If they have to go out , try keeping them on a leash or by your side so they won’t wander off through an open door. Also, don’t forget there might still be some hot water left over from the previous occupants (it happens all the time), which means you might end up scalding yourself (or your children or pets) if moving too quickly through an empty house. You already have enough on your plate; don’t make things worse!

Moving Company

Consider timing when working with a with moving company. Sometimes moving companies can only come during certain times of the day, which can work out better for you than moving late at night when stores are closed and it is harder to buy supplies. Moving companies can be very helpful with moving a lot of belongings quickly. It’s always a good idea to try to book a moving company to start early in the morning when the day begins.

If you’re moving this winter, I hope these tips help you have the smoothest moving experience possible!