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PHP Basics

Getting started with PHP. These tutorials are for people who are new to world of PHP.

Visual Confirmation System

Explains how to put a simple visual confirmation in your register form.
Author: GHSViews: 859Submitted: Mar 2007

Browser detection with php

This tutorial explains how to make a code only works in one separated browser.
Author: GHSViews: 530Submitted: Feb 2007

mySQL Grant Command

How to setup privileges by granting permissions.
Submitted by: DooBDeeViews: 5Submitted: Nov 2007

PHP & MySQL Database Connection

This tutorial explains how to connect your script with a MySQL Database.
Submitted by: GHSViews: 667Submitted: Apr 2007

Creating User Defined Function

This article shows you how to create your own functions.
Submitted by: DooBDeeViews: 252Submitted: Feb 2007

Form Handling With PHP

This article tells you how to handle HTML forms with PHP.
Submitted by: DooBDeeViews: 271Submitted: Feb 2007

Operators of PHP

This tutorial displays information about how to use PHP’s operators.
Submitted by: DooBDeeViews: 152Submitted: Feb 2007

Conditional Statements With PHP

This tutorial shows how to use PHP’s if() function.
Submitted by: DooBDeeViews: 136Submitted: Feb 2007

Looping with PHP and for()

This tutorial tells you information on PHP’s for() function.
Submitted by: DooBDeeViews: 145Submitted: Feb 2007

Building Blocks Of PHP

Understand the basic terminology and building blocks of PHP.
Submitted by: DooBDeeViews: 309Submitted: Feb 2007