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Tips for Moving in Winter

Moving to a new home can be tough anytime of the year, but moving in winter comes with its own obstacles and challenges. Here are some tips for moving to a new house during the winter:


Be prepared for winter weather while moving . It goes without saying but every time you step outside, make sure you’re dressed properly – if moving on foot – for the cold, wet conditions. If you are moving by car , make sure you have all the necessary materials for moving in winter. Remember, it’s going to be cold, so dress accordingly.

If possible, try to move on a day where there isn’t expected to be precipitation, such as rain or snow. It’ll make things much easier for you as less stuff will get wet or dirty (It’s not fun doing that by hand). Also, cold temperatures can freeze pipes and increase the risk of breakage.

Try to pack light

Notice I didn’t say “pack nothing.” Unless you have a moving company coming in to take care of things for you, moving home is going to be one very long day filled with lots of walking and lifting (and probably some cursing). Save yourself the trouble; don’t move anything that isn’t essential , like that old bowling trophy or dresser that’s missing two legs (the latter would be me moving last summer but it was too funny not to mention).

Time of day

Get moving early! Since moving days are already long and arduous , do what you can to get everything done as quickly as possible. Try moving first thing in the morning in the winter since the sun goes down sooner. It’s also very cold outside in the evening. If moving late, grab a flashlight – it’ll be dark soon anyway! It might also help if you keep moving forward during transport (in other words, don’t dilly dally because this isn’t the time)!

Kids and Pets

Keep pets and children inside until moving is done. If they have to go out , try keeping them on a leash or by your side so they won’t wander off through an open door. Also, don’t forget there might still be some hot water left over from the previous occupants (it happens all the time), which means you might end up scalding yourself (or your children or pets) if moving too quickly through an empty house. You already have enough on your plate; don’t make things worse!

Moving Company

Consider timing when working with a with moving company. Sometimes moving companies can only come during certain times of the day, which can work out better for you than moving late at night when stores are closed and it is harder to buy supplies. Moving companies can be very helpful with moving a lot of belongings quickly. It’s always a good idea to try to book a moving company to start early in the morning when the day begins.

If you’re moving this winter, I hope these tips help you have the smoothest moving experience possible!


Though the iPhone is known for its speed and user-friendly, it is immune to being chalked up with unwanted files and data from websites. These unwanted files are often saved up in the cache or cookie of the phone. When this happens, your iPhone may seem to slow down a bit. Getting your phone back to its average speed will require you to clear its cache. So how exactly do you go about this? Well, each app’s browsers have different settings. But will only focus on two, that of chrome and Safari. So let’s look into it.


Let’s look at some simple steps on clearing the cache and cookies of crome.

  • First, open the Chrome app on your iPhone.
  • Second, tap the history-clear browsing data. Make sure there is a ticked mark beside the browser data you want to clear.
  • Tap the clear browser.

It would be best to clear all the history in your cache because there is no way to know what sites take the most data and coughing your phone more. By the time you’re through with this, you will see your chrome browser speed increase faster. But how do you clear that of the Safari? Let’s find out.


Like crome, Safari also suffers from lagging due to filed up data in tie cache. But how do you clear the complied useless data’s in your Safari? Let’s find out. But note, clearing the data of your Safari will log you out of all the accounts you are currently logged in. So, how do you clear the cache? Let’s look at some simple steps.

  • Go to the settings app.
  • Scroll down to Safari
  • Go to history and tap the clear button.

Once this is done, you will notice the speed of your browser significantly increase. And you would even notice your entire phone speed pick up. And if you are still unhappy with the overall speed of your iPhone, then you can try to go a bit further by clearing the overall cache of your iPhone. Well, how can you do that? By following his easy steps.


Let’s look at some easy steps to opening the cache of your iPhone system

  • Tap the settings- general- storage- and then iCloud usage.
  • Tap the manage storage button at the top part
  • This will help direct you to a page with the list of apps, which have accumulated much data. With the heaviest file at the top of the list.
  • Click the app and clear its cache. You can decide to clear all its cache or just the data accumulated at the moment. But If the data accumulated is over 500MB, it would be best you uninstall and install the app.


iPhone is known for its speed; that is why you got an iPhone. So if you notice your iPhone slowing down, then make sure you clear the cache.

How to Cut a Pineapple

Hello, there today. This piece will be talking about the ways you should cut your pineapples. It would also talk about the enzyme inside pineapples that gives it that severe effect whenever you bite it or on your tongue. Keep reading this piece to know all about the enzyme and the nutrients we enjoy after consuming pineapples.

What is Bromelain?

Bromelain is an enzyme which is in pineapples that are also known as protease. It breaks various other proteins apart by breaking down different amino acids chains. Specifically, bromelain is a protease that is created from cysteine. This means it breaks different parts of proteins whenever there is a present cysteine amino acid.

Bromelain available in pineapples breaks down the protein available in the protective mucous lining and then the surface tissues available in our tongues and our mouths.

On its own, bromelain is not the only reason why pineapples irritate our tongues. Whenever one considers cysteine proteases available in papayas, also known as papain, they do not produce identical effects. Another reason is a result of the fact that pineapples have a high level of acidity. The irritating sensation increases whenever this trait gets coupled with the digesting of bromelain available in our mouth tissue.

Thankfully, our bodies quickly regenerate various cells, and then they repair the tissues in our mouth. This makes the feeling dissipate eventually.


Benefits of Bromelain

The benefits of this enzyme include the following;

  • Reducing sinus issues
  • Reducing high levels of inflammation and then
  • Improving the body’s rate of digestion.

There is evidence available scientifically surrounding the effectiveness of using bromelain to help with these issues.

Now let us discuss how you could cut your pineapples.


How to Cut your Pineapples

When I want to eat pineapples, I often cut the outer part out, then wash the insides with distilled water before I cut it into pieces for consumption. I do this using a very sharp knife that is well washed and disinfected. You know you need to make use of a very clean knife that would prevent all forms of infection from getting into your beautiful pineapple.

After peeling off the outer part, you use your knife and then cut the inner part of your pineapple using whichever shape or size you prefer. At home, we usually cut our pineapples using the circle shape. This way, from an average-sized pineapple, we could get around six pineapple slices.


You could get a pineapple cutter that has various shapes. It could cut your pineapples in the shape of a star, or the shape of a rectangle, or any other shape you prefer. The most important thing you should note is that, after you have cut your pineapples into the shape you want to eat them with, make sure you do not wash them with distilled water anymore. If you rewash them, you wash out the bromelain enzyme that is inside the pineapple. And you end up loosing one of the reasons you need to eat your pineapples.


To vote is a process of an individual to indicate their choice, preferences, or, will when it comes to choosing a leader that will support their interest. All States has their different ways and rule In voting. But, if you’re new to voting and want to know how to register, then this article is meant for you. Hence, before discussing how to register to vote, we are going to consider the following questions:


  • What are the types of voting systems?

  • Why is it important to vote?

  • How can you register to vote?


What are the types of voting systems?

There are different types of voting systems in the world today. Some of this system is strictly theoretical, while some are currently in use. Therefore we are going to break down the various systems into three families. Which are:


  • Proportional representative system:-

The advanced western democracies are the ones that use this type of system. All the party-list systems would be included.


  • Semi- proportional system-:

The USA uses these types of systems in the local system. Limited voting and cumulative voting are included in this system.


  • Plurality/majority system-:

The USA uses this type of system because it is a winner-take-all system. It is like a large district with a single-winner, with a less common majority system.


Why is it important to vote?

The law in the U.S. did not state or made it a requirement that everyone must vote in any local, state, or presidential election. But voting is a privilege and right of every citizen in the U.S constitution. Voting is an important aspect of democracy. Therefore, when a citizen votes, he is in a sense participating in the democratic process.


  • How to register to vote-:

The first thing you need to know when you want to register to vote is to know your state’s voters registration rules and procedures. For first time voters, you need to know other things like:


  • Which state are you from?


  • What are your state requirements?


  • Will you be 18 by election day?

Age is an important aspect to know when you want to vote because if you are not up to 18years you can not be allowed to vote. The minimum is 18 and above.


Knowing all this will make you ready to vote. But first, you need to register before the deadline of your state. The following should be done when you want to register.


  • Check with your local election office-: when you check here you can be able to register. They may send you a voter registration card listing your polling place.

  • Online registration-: you can register online, at the local department of motor vehicles.

  • National mail voter registration form-: if you couldn’t register online, the national mail voter registration form can be of help.


On election day you will go to the place your election office sends you with your card. You have to go with your ID because it will be demanded when you want to vote. Then you will need to fill out your ballot. If you are unaware of how to fill this out, you can ask a poll worker. But if you would not be able to reach on time on election day, then you can use the means of a mail.


It is a privilege for a citizen to participate in voting. The following protocol should be done for anyone who wants to register to vote. You should also remember that each state has its procedures when it comes to voting.


Making a bonfire isn’t as hard as it sounds. You just need space and know the right way to start a bonfire so you don’t hurt yourself or even worse end up starting forest fires. If you are planning your next camping trip, then you need to include all the things you need to start a bonfire. Luckily this article will equip you with how to start a bonfire.

Equipment you need to start a bonfire

Firewood, kindling, and tinder, of course, you need FIRE which you could get very easily if you’re with a Matchbox. TINdERS are usually very light materials that are highly flammable. Examples of tinder are straws, dried grass leaves, pieces of paper, etc.  Kindling is a thicker material than tinders They are easily flammable But burn a little more slowly than tinders. An example of kindling are twigs. the name firewood won’t sound strange. Fire Woods are logs that are about the same length as your forearm. It burns a lot more slowly and lasts for longer periods. The tinder is used to light the kindling and the Kindling is used to light up the firewood.

Before starting a bonfire it is essential to choose a very good location to dig your bonfire pit. The location must be bare ground or one with stones without any dried grass or trees. The space should be about 8 feet and should be cleared of anything that may cause a fire.

Once you’ve cleared up your space you’ll need to start digging. Why? Well, when the center you plan on making the fire is a little lowered the fire would be more controlled.

The next step is to set rocks in a circle around where you’ve dug. These rocks create a boundary between the burning wood and the flammable items.

Now how to set a bonfire

Firstly, lay the Tinder pieces in the center where the bonfire is to be created. NEXT, YOU STACK THE KINDER so they can lean on each other without any external support. The kindling should be stacked in a tepee style and little by little when the kindling stack is stable enough, start adding your firewood slowly still in a tepee style. Little space should be left open in the tepee stack in the direction the wind is blowing so that it would be much easier for air to enter to set up.

Next light the fire. This you can no by using a match or a lighter and igniting the Tinder through the small opening between the stacks.

Bonfire isn’t the same thing as campfires, it’s not meant to stay long. Before making a bonfire anywhere, make sure you have permission to do so. Be very cautious and make sure you’ve put the fire out completely, buried the ash with sand, and felt the site for any heat before leaving.  As you would not want anyone to get hurt or unintentionally start-up forest fires.


Sleep is very important to our health but as you get older it becomes much harder for you to sleep comfortably as you should. The click of the door, the sound of movement any little noise whatsoever, and you’re up. stress amongst many other factors can affect our sleep pattern immensely. But not being able to stay asleep can cause various effects in a long run. Essential oils are just perfect, cheaper, safer, and more natural as they are made from plants. These oils provide immense health benefits other than being a great stress reliever and a real sleep booster.


Lavender essential oils are one of the commonly used and popularly recommended oils that improve relaxation and induces sleep. this organic non-GMO oil is made from lavender shrub and it gives off a floral aroma with hints of pine.

How to use

You can start diffusing the oil early before going to bed. A little goes a long way as the scents can be overpowering. You can rub one or probably 2 drops unto your pillow, or your hands’ feet and your temples.

To create a bed spray you’ll need

2 cups distilled water

10 – 20 drops of lavender essential oil

1 tsp witch hazel.

mix all the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake very well. Spray lightly onto your sheets before turning to bed.


This is also another very common and effective essential oil. Chamomile is a well-known ingredient for its calming effect and sleep-boosting properties. Chamomile is gotten from the chamomile plant and it gives off a soft herbal scent with hints of Apple.


To your favorite lotion add the chamomile oil in few drops. And apply in the evening before going to bed.

This oil can also work well in your diffuser as it would help you unwind after a long stressful day


Frankincense has aromatherapeutic properties it relieves stress, aids relaxation, and overall is a great sleep booster. Frankincense is made from the resin of Roswell sacra trees and it gives off the scent of sweet and fruity but with a note of citrus and spice.


Apply a few drops of this oil to your palms, rub them together and inhale before going to bed.


This essential oil is naturally sedative. So if you’re struggling with insomnia this is also like any other a great remedy. The cedarwood essential oil is made from cedar tree bark and it gives hints of balsamic, a slightly smoky and earthy scent.


Before going to bed, apply a few drops of this oil directly onto your pillow.

Cedarwood and lavender is a powerful combo you can try for a more effective and relaxing mix. To do this add 3-5 drops of cedarwood oil as well as 3-5 drops of lavender essential oil in your diffuser before turning in for bed.

A smell can affect our senses as it plays a huge role in our minds and our bodies. The fresh smell of roses can reduce blood levels and the smell of the eucalyptus enhances our focus. But not every oil is suitable for topical use or for investing because of the blend and the source. So before using any essential oil make sure to check the use instructions.

How to Tell if Eggs are Bad in These Simple Steps

Eggs are a staple in getting a balanced diet. They are delicate, nutrient-packed and absolutely delicious when made properly. It is, however, essential to know when eggs are fresh, bad eggs are not pleasant even in the least bit, they smell foul and if consumed could cause food poisoning. That is part of the reasons we are going to explore in this article how to Tell if Eggs are bad in some simple steps.

Simple Steps To Tell if Eggs are Bad 

Many people believe that they can simply use their nose to sniff out if an egg is good or bad, this is however not true because the nose could fail you. You could choose to rely on your eyes or checking the best-by date but they are not error-prove ways of knowing how fresh an egg is or if the eggs are Bad.

Because of the effects of consuming a bad egg, it is essential you try these tips. They don’t require much and you don’t need to waste your eggs to know if they are bad yet. These steps are:

  1. The Sinking or Swimming Test: this step is quite popular but still not known by many. As the name implies, it simply involves checking if an egg would sink or swim in the water. To do this you need to pour cold or room temperature water in a cup or bowl put the egg inside of the water. If the egg drops to the bottom of the cup or bowl and lays on its side then the egg is fresh, if the egg sinks to the bottom but stands at the bottom of the cup or bowl then the egg is not so fresh but it is not bad; you could still eat it. If the egg floats then you should dispose of that egg because it is bad and not edible.  How this works is quite simple; it is based on the permeability of the eggshells, because they are semi-permeable air passes through them, once an egg is old it allows for more air to pass through it therefore it floats, fresh eggs don’t allow for so much air to pass through their shell, therefore, they don’t float.
  2. The Shaking Test: this step is quite simple, and effective, though not as effective as the sinking and swimming test. This step involves you holding the egg close to your ear and shaking it, shake it well enough to be sure if you can hear anything swishing inside. If you hear swishing sounds then the egg is most likely bad, the swishing sound indicates watery yolk which most times means the egg has already gone bad. When there is no swishing sound the egg is still fresh.

Sniffing: this test is quite basic, when you crack the egg if it doesn’t smell neutral then the egg is most likely bad. At this point, it is advisable that you toss it.

How to Draw a Cat Step by Step

Anybody can draw!  Do not allow the naysayers to get you down. While the place of talent cannot be downplayed in every artistic venture, a lot also has to be said of the endeavor and enterprise necessary to draw. As the saying goes, where there’s a will, there is a way. In this article, we will teach you how to draw a cat step by step.

Step 1: Study Cats

By this, we mean research into cats so that you understand their anatomy. The truth remains that you cannot draw that which you do not know or cannot describe well. A study of cats entails research into what they look like, their walking and sitting postures.


Step 2: Draw a straight vertical line

If you believe that you cannot achieve a straight vertical line freehand, make use of a ruler. This vertical line could be of any reasonable length of your choosing but bear in mind that this line will be used as a base of comparison for other sizes and angles.


Step 3: Horizontal marks

Next, mark the top and the base of the vertical line that you have drawn with small horizontal lines. Next, place a mark in the middle of the vertical line and then divide each half into halve again, thereby creating a total of four segments that are equal in length.


Step 4: Draw a large Oval

The next step is to draw a large oval (not a circle) shaped almost like an egg to represent the body of the cat. Begin the oval from the second horizontal mark on your vertical line and end the oval in such a way that it is just a bit above the base.


Step 5: Draw a Circle

The circle represents the head of the cat. The circle is to begins just below the uppermost horizontal mark and comes to its end just beneath the top of the oval body.


Step 6: Draw the Ears

To draw the ears of the cat, proceed to draw two triangles by drawing vertical lines upwards from the side of the circle that can be traced to the second horizontal mark. These vertical lines should stop once there are on par with the top of the initial vertical line in Step 2. Then using freehand or the aid of a ruler, draw a diagonal line from the vertical line you have just drawn upwards and make sure the line meets the circle on both sides- leaving ample space in the middle.


Step 7:

Draw four small ovals at the base of the oval that represents the cat’s body to represent its paws


Step 8:

Draw four long ovals to represent the cat’s legs. Two of these ovals representing the forelimbs of the cat should be positioned almost at the middle and the lower arc of the cat while the other two representing the hind limbs should be about half the size of the former and should overlap out of the oval a bit.


Step 9: Draw the features and erase all the shapes used in the construction

Next, you sketch the shapes of your cat’s nose, eyes, and mouth. The eyes should be positioned on either side of the second horizontal mark and then frame out the nose and mouth. Then, outline the curves face, body and limbs so that you can finally clean off all the construction drawing shapes and leave a pictorial illustration of a cart staring back at you.


Of course, as with everything, practice makes perfect.

How to Make Skeleton Costumes

It will soon be that time of the year again when kids in ghoulish costumes parade the streets asking in their cute little voices “trick or treat?” And you know that it’s not Halloween without a Halloween Costume. For parents, it can be a very tasking time as kids come up to you with very different requests about how and what they would like to look like for Halloween. What if your kid asks for a Skeleton Costume? While the latter is a good way to scare the living daylight out of unwary passersby, making it together with your kid could be a good bonding experience. In this article, we will teach you how to make Skeleton Costumes.

Step 1: Get your materials

The materials you need to make a skeleton costume are:

  1. A black long sleeve shirt
  2. A black leggings
  3. White fabric paint
  4. Glow in the dark fabric paint
  5. Iron
  6. Freezer paper
  7. Pencil


Step 2: Sketch the bones

Sketch out shapes of bones on the side of the freezer paper made of paper. You do not have to worry about sketching as detailed as Leonardo Da Vinci’s and besides, you could easily source out sketches online. Just try to get a modest gauge of the wearer’s skeleton and where they meet at the joints. You could do this by having them put on the black long sleeve and leggings and marking out these joints.


Step 3: Cut out the Bones

With your sketch all done, all you need to do now is cut out the bones from the freezer paper. I nice pair of scissors should do the job just fine.


Step 4: Layout the Templates of the Bones

The next step in this guide to making a skeleton costume is to lay out the templates left after the bones are cut out from the freezer paper on the black long sleeve and leggings. Ensure that the plastic end of the freezer paper is the side against the fabric and that all the bones are visible and that there is no part of the freezer paper overlapping onto the bones.


Step 5: Ironing 

At this stage, the iron comes into play. Use the iron to press the freezer paper against the clothing. Ensure that it is not so hot that it burns the clothe underneath or renders the plastic that is supposed to affix itself to the clothe ineffective.


Step 6: Apply Paint

Your skeleton costume is almost ready. All you need to do now is apply paint with a brush. Your painting technique should be tapped onto the stencil rather than glossing over it.


Step 7: Peel Off

Ensure that the paint is dry before gently peeling the paper stencil.


Step 8: Glow

Your Skeleton Costume is ready but should you wish it to glow in the dark, you ought to apply the fourth item of our list of materials, that is, the Glow in the dark fabric paint. Apply the glow by tracing over the bones.



There! Halloween isn’t even by the corner but thanks to this guide on how to make skeleton costumes, we know that you’re ready.

How to Repot a Peace Lily

brown clay pot on gray concrete

There is nothing more amazing to use in decorating your house or your leaving room than a Peace Lily. This plant adds dimensions to a room and gives it life.

It’s common to find these plants potted in the leaving room of a building and other rooms around the how. That’s why it has become a favorite for home decorations.

But for some reason, you may need to repot the plant and if you need to, what steps can you take? This article will discuss just that.

How to know when a peace plant needs replanting.

A Peace Lily is a very beautiful plant for decorating a home. So if you are interested in planting this plant or you already have a plant, how do you know when it’s time to replant?

If your plant is rootbound, growing out of the pots drainage hole, its easy to know that it’s time to replant.

The whole fact of the plant being rootbound means that the plant is unable to absorb water due to its roots being crowded. And so if the plant can no longer absorb water, then it will be difficult for the plant to stay healthy and fresh.

If that happens, it is now time to replant your Peace Lily. So if your plant has roots that have grown out and are sticking through the drainage, how do you go about repotting?


It is now to repot your peace, Lily. What are the steps needed in carrying out this important task?


It is a very important task when repotting a peace Lily. But what tools are required in carrying out a safe repotting of a Peace Lily?

  • A new flower pot.
  • Hand gloves.
  • Good soil.
  • Fertilizer.

These are just a few of the needed tools that will help in the safe repotting of this plant. Remember to also get safety tools as well.


This is another very interesting step and in my opinion a very important step. It will require you to take a thin wire and tying it loosely around the plant.

This is very important because it prevents the leaves and the plant from being all over the place when it’s time to remove the plant.


This is another very important step for the safe removal of the plant from its old pot. This step will require you first of all softening the soil by wetting it.

This will make the soil strength weekend allowing you the opportunity to move to the next step. But remember to watch out for roots when loosening the soil so as not to damage the plant.


This is a more gentle step, a step that should be done with great care because the whole life of the peace Lily depends on how gently you carry out this task.

Ensure that you remove the plant from the pot with care so as not to damage the roots.

  • REPOT.

There are a lot of things involved in repotting a peace Lily, but the most important thing to do is to peeper the Soil of the new pot and make sure it has enough nutrients.

This will ensure that the plant regains its freshness, and enjoys life in the new pot.