phpbb 3 styles

phpBB 3 Styles

Tutorials that show how phpBB 3 template system works and how to modify phpBB 3 templates.

Uninstall phpBB 3 Style

How to properly uninstall phpBB 3 style.
Author: CyberAlienViews: 2141Submitted: Jun 2007

Hide Bots in phpBB 3

How to hide bots from list of online users in phpBB 3
Author: CyberAlienViews: 2334Submitted: Jun 2007

Clone phpBB 3 Style

How to clone phpBB 3 style. Use this to create new style from other style.
Author: CyberAlienViews: 5877Submitted: Apr 2007

phpBB 3 Styles Demo

How to create styles demo for phpBB 3.
Author: CyberAlienViews: 7189Submitted: Mar 2007

Private Messages Notifications

How to handle private messages notifications in page header.
Author: CyberAlienViews: 1415Submitted: Mar 2007

Protect template files

This tutorial explains how to protect your forum template from being stolen.
Author: CyberAlienViews: 2129Submitted: Feb 2007