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Smilies packs

Submitted by Reiji Kurosaky, Feb 2007.

Now lets make our own smilies pack, this is useful when you want to add a lot of smilies to your forum, and its easier than adding each one per separated.

First lets see the code of a smilies.pak
Code: (smilies)
  1. icon_biggrin.gif=+:Very Happy=+::D
  2. icon_biggrin.gif=+:Very Happy=+::-D
  3. icon_biggrin.gif=+:Very Happy=+::grin:
  4. icon_smile.gif=+:Smile=+::)
  5. icon_smile.gif=+:Smile=+::-)
  6. icon_smile.gif=+:Smile=+::smile:
  7. icon_sad.gif=+:Sad=+::(
  8. icon_sad.gif=+:Sad=+::-(
  9. icon_sad.gif=+:Sad=+::sad:
  10. icon_surprised.gif=+:Surprised=+::o
  11. icon_surprised.gif=+:Surprised=+::-o
  12. icon_surprised.gif=+:Surprised=+::eek:
  13. icon_eek.gif=+:Shocked=+::shock:
  14. icon_confused.gif=+:Confused=+::?
  15. icon_confused.gif=+:Confused=+::-?
  16. icon_confused.gif=+:Confused=+::???:
  17. icon_cool.gif=+:Cool=+:8)
  18. icon_cool.gif=+:Cool=+:8-)
  19. icon_cool.gif=+:Cool=+::cool:
  20. icon_lol.gif=+:Laughing=+::lol:
  21. icon_mad.gif=+:Mad=+::x
  22. icon_mad.gif=+:Mad=+::-x
  23. icon_mad.gif=+:Mad=+::mad:
  24. icon_razz.gif=+:Razz=+::P
  25. icon_razz.gif=+:Razz=+::-P
  26. icon_razz.gif=+:Razz=+::razz:
  27. icon_redface.gif=+:Embarassed=+::oops:
  28. icon_cry.gif=+:Crying or Very sad=+::cry:
  29. icon_evil.gif=+:Evil or Very Mad=+::evil:
  30. icon_twisted.gif=+:Twisted Evil=+::twisted:
  31. icon_rolleyes.gif=+:Rolling Eyes=+::roll:
  32. icon_wink.gif=+:Wink=+::wink:
  33. icon_wink.gif=+:Wink=+:;)
  34. icon_wink.gif=+:Wink=+:;-)
  35. icon_exclaim.gif=+:Exclamation=+::!:
  36. icon_question.gif=+:Question=+::?:
  37. icon_idea.gif=+:Idea=+::idea:
  38. icon_arrow.gif=+:Arrow=+::arrow:
  39. icon_neutral.gif=+:Neutral=+::|
  40. icon_neutral.gif=+:Neutral=+::-|
  41. icon_neutral.gif=+:Neutral=+::neutral:
  42. icon_mrgreen.gif=+:Mr. Green=+::mrgreen: 

Its easy you see, this is the main code:

  1. your_smilie.gif=+:Your Smilie Name=+::your_smilie_code: 
file =+: name =+: code (without spaces).

Now, upload all the smilies to your forum and then in a text file write the mentioned code above…remember to replace your_smilie.gif with your smilie file (e.g. thumbup.gif), replace Your Smilie Name with (obviously) the name (e.g. Thumbs Up) and finally the :your_smilie_code: with the code you want…

Now, repeat this with each and everyone of the smilies you want to add…and then save it with the .pak extension.

Now that your smilie pack is ready, go to your ACP => General Admin => Smilies, and there search for a “Import Smiley Pack” and upload your .pak file.


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