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How to clone a style

Submitted by CyberAlien, Feb 2007.
This tutorial explains how to clone a phpBB 2.0 style.

Why would you want to make a copy of style? To create a new style. This tutorial explains how to copy subSilver style, copying other styles is done exactly the same way.

1. Copy all files and subdirectories of templates/subSilver/ to templates/new_style/

2. Rename templates/new_style/subSilver.cfg and templates/new_style/subSilver.css to templates/new_style/new_style.cfg and templates/new_style/new_style.css

3. In all tpl and cfg files replace “subSilver” with “new_style” (without quotes). Use any simple text editor (like EditPlus) when editing those files, as complex editors might mess up code.

That’s all. Your new style is ready to be installed and edited.


If you cannot see new style in list of styles to install it might be caused by one of the following:

  • You forgot to rename cfg file

  • You didn’t edit theme_info.cfg

  • Your style name starts with number or contains spaces or dashes. You should not use any of those characters in style name.

  • You incorrectly renamed file. All filenames are case sensitive, so “NewStyle” and “newstyle” are not the same.

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