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How to install phpBB 2.0 style

Submitted by CyberAlien, Feb 2007.
Important: if you are using free forum hosting service (if have not installed phpBB yourself) then you cannot install any phpBB styles because you do not have access to forum files.

First of all, download phpBB style to your computer and unpack it.

After unpacking style you will see many files and directories. Do not alter any filenames or directory names as all files and directories are case sensitive.

1. Uploading

Use ftp client to connect to your website, then change remote directory to “templates” inside forum directory.

Upload unpacked style, including all subdirectories to templates directory. All files should be in one subdirectory inside templates directory, for example, “templates/subSilver/” (note: this is just an example, do not overwrite subSilver files). Make sure there are files in that directory, not in subdirectory of that directory. There should be two most important files in it: theme_info.cfg and subSilver.cfg (instead of “subSilver” it should be your style’s cfg file).

Examples of what correctly uploaded style’s directory structure looks like:

templates/subSilver/theme_info.cfg – important file. must be there.

templates/subSilver/subSilver.cfg – important file. filename should match parent directory’s name.

templates/subSilver/admin/ – many tpl files in that directory

templates/subSilver/images/ – many images in that directory

Unpacked directory:

Files in that directory:


When uploading style make sure style’s cfg file is exactly the same as directory name. Examples of correct cfg files:



2. Installation

When you finished uploading files, login to your forum as administrator, click on “go to admin control panel” link in footer. If you don’t see that link in footer then you are not administrator. In control panel on left side find section “Styles Admin”.

If in that section you have menu option “Install Style”, then click on it.

If in that section you have menu option “Menu” then click on it, then click “install styles” link in menu that will appear.

If you don’t have ether of those menu items, you should have “Add” menu item. Click it.

After that you should see list of styles that are not yet installed. If you do not see your style in that list then its ether already installed, or you have incorrectly uploaded files.

Click “install” link to install style.

3. Changing default style

If after installing style you want to set it as default style, in control panel click “Configuration” in section “General Admin”. In menu you will see list of installed styles, select your style from that list.

If you want to force all users to use new style, enable option “Override user style”. If you do not enable that option then users will be able to select style, and to change to new user every user will have to change it himself in his profile.

That’s all.

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