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phpBB 2.0 template files

Submitted by CyberAlien, Feb 2007.
This is full list of all tpl files used in phpBB 2.0:

  • agreement.tpl – Registration agreement. Text for agreement is taken from lang_main.php of current language pack.

  • bbcode.tpl – BBCode. Edit this file to customize most bbcode tags.

  • confirm_body.tpl – Confirmation page. Used in many places. Example of usage: when you are deleting thread this template is used to ask wether you want to delete thread.

  • error_body.tpl – Error message. Example of usage: start new thread but don’t enter subject – this tpl file will be used to show error that subject is missing.

  • faq_body.tpl – FAQ. To see tpl file click on “FAQ” button in forum header.

  • groupcp_info_body.tpl – Information about usergroup. To see it click “usergroups” button, select group, click “view information”

  • groupcp_pending_info.tpl – List of pending members. Used as addition to groupcp_info_body.tpl. Only group moderator can see it when there are pending users.

  • groupcp_user_body.tpl – List of usergroups. Click on “usergroups” button in forum navigation to see it.

  • index_body.tpl – Forum index.

  • jumpbox.tpl – Jumpbox. Its a small selection box that you can see on bottom of this thread and almost every other page of forum.

  • login_body.tpl – Login page.

  • memberlist_body.tpl – Users list.

  • message_body.tpl – Message. Used in many places. Example of usage: when posting reply after you click “post” button forum will show you message that post was entered – this tpl file will be used to show that message.

  • modcp_body.tpl – Moderator control panel main page. Shown when moderator clicks on “moderate” link in forum permissions list.

  • modcp_move.tpl – Move thread. Show when moderator clicks on “move” button on bottom of thread.

  • modcp_split.tpl – Split thread. Shown when moderator clicks on “split” button on bottom of thread.

  • modcp_viewip.tpl – View IP. Shown when moderator clicks on “ip” button on post.

  • overall_footer.tpl – Main footer. Used for almost all forum pages. Used with overall_header.tpl

  • overall_header.tpl – Main header. Used for almost all forum pages. Used with overall_footer.tpl

  • posting_body.tpl – Post page. Shown when user wants to post new thread, reply, edit, send new pm, etc…

  • posting_poll_body.tpl – Poll options. Used as part of posting_body.tpl when user can start poll

  • posting_preview.tpl – Preview post. Shown when you click “preview” button when posting.

  • posting_smilies.tpl – Smilies popup. Unlike most templates this tpl file uses simple_header.tpl and simple_footer.tpl for header/footer.

  • posting_topic_review.tpl – Topic review when posting reply. Uses simple_header.tpl and simple_footer.tpl for header/footer. Shown in iframe.

  • privmsgs_body.tpl – List of private messages. Used for inbox, outbox and all other pm folders.

  • privmsgs_popup.tpl – Popup showing notification about new private message. Uses simple_header.tpl and simple_footer.tpl for header/footer.

  • privmsgs_preview.tpl – Preview when posting new private message.

  • privmsgs_read_body.tpl – Private message.

  • profile_add_body.tpl – Profile page. Also used for registration form.

  • profile_avatar_gallery.tpl – Avatars gallery. Used when you select “show avatars” when editing profile.

  • profile_send_email.tpl – Send email to user via forum. To see this page option “email via board” should be enabled in forum configuration.

  • profile_send_pass.tpl – Form to send password. To see it click “forgot password” link on login page.

  • profile_view_body.tpl – View user’s profile.

  • search_body.tpl – Main search page.

  • search_results_posts.tpl – Search results when user selects to show results as posts.

  • search_results_topics.tpl – Search results when user selects to show results as topics.

  • search_username.tpl – Search for user popup. Used when you click “find username” button when sending pm, when adding user to usergroup, etc…

  • simple_footer.tpl – Footer for popups and for topic review. Used with simple_header.tpl

  • simple_header.tpl – Header for popups and for topic review. Used with simple_footer.tpl

  • viewforum_body.tpl – Forum view.

  • viewonline_body.tpl – List of online users. To see it click on “who is online” link on forum index.

  • viewtopic_body.tpl – Topic view.

  • viewtopic_poll_ballot.tpl – Poll. Used as part of viewtopic_body.tpl

  • viewtopic_poll_result.tpl – Poll results. Used as part of viewtopic_body.tpl

Admin files

This is full list of all tpl files in directory “admin” for phpBB 2.0. Usually when style is created these files are not edited at all except for page_header.tpl and page_footer.tpl:

  • admin/admin_message_body.tpl – same as message_body.tpl. used for messages in admin control panel when managing database. unfortunately most other acp functions use usual message_body.tpl instead of this file.

  • admin/auth_forum_body.tpl – edit forum permissions.

  • admin/auth_select_body.tpl – usergroup/forum selection when editing permissions.

  • admin/auth_ug_body.tpl – edit usergroup permissions.

  • admin/board_config_body.tpl – main configuration.

  • admin/category_edit_body.tpl – edit category (used when in forums management you select category)

  • admin/confirm_body.tpl – confirmation dialog. exactly the same as confirm_body.tpl in parent directory.

  • admin/db_utils_backup_body.tpl – database backup.

  • admin/db_utils_restore_body.tpl – database restore.

  • admin/disallow_body.tpl – disallow names.

  • admin/forum_admin_body.tpl – forums management main page.

  • admin/forum_delete_body.tpl – delete forum confirmation page.

  • admin/forum_edit_body.tpl – edit forum data.

  • admin/forum_prune_body.tpl – prune forum.

  • admin/forum_prune_result_body.tpl – results of forum prune.

  • admin/forum_prune_select_body.tpl – forum selection box when pruning forums.

  • admin/group_edit_body.tpl – create/edit usergroup.

  • admin/group_select_body.tpl – usergroup selection for editing usergroup or editing usergroup permissions.

  • admin/index_body.tpl – admin control panel index.

  • admin/index_frameset.tpl – acp frameset.

  • admin/index_navigate.tpl – left acp frame content.

  • admin/page_footer.tpl – footer. used in all pages in acp.

  • admin/page_header.tpl – header. used in all pages in acp.

  • admin/ranks_edit_body.tpl – create/edit rank.

  • admin/ranks_list_body.tpl – list of ranks.

  • admin/smile_edit_body.tpl – create/edit smilie.

  • admin/smile_import_body.tpl – import smilies pack.

  • admin/smile_list_body.tpl – list of smilies.

  • admin/styles_addnew_body.tpl – tpl for “add style” menu. that menu is useless.

  • admin/styles_edit_body.tpl – edit style data.

  • admin/styles_exporter.tpl – export style data.

  • admin/styles_list_body.tpl – list of styles in styles management.

  • admin/user_avatar_gallery.tpl – avatar gallery when editing user.

  • admin/user_ban_body.tpl – bans.

  • admin/user_edit_body.tpl – edit user.

  • admin/user_email_body.tpl – mass emails.

  • admin/user_select_body.tpl – selection box to select user to edit

  • admin/words_edit_body.tpl – word censor editor.

  • admin/words_list_body.tpl – list of censored words.

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