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How to edit phpBB 2.0 css files

Submitted by CyberAlien, Feb 2007.
This tutorial applies to subSilver and other similar phpBB 2.0 styles that use template variables instead of external css.

There are two ways of editing style colors:

1. You can edit it in styles management in admin control panel. Hovewer that method is limited because most styles don’t support it and when changing one color it will change color in several places at the same time.

2. You can edit .css file. With this method you’ll be able to control every aspect of style sheet. This tutorial explains how to make style editable in this way.

1. Open overall_header.tpl, find this:


2. Find this:

and replace with this:
(notice changes at the beginning and end of that line)

3. Repeat those steps for simple_header.tpl and admin/page_header.tpl (in admin/page_header.tpl second part of code is slightly different because path to .css file is different – edit only start and end of line without changing path to css)

That’s all. Now you can edit subSilver.css

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