phpbb styles

phpBB 2 Styles

These tutorials explain how to install and modify phpBB 2 styles.

Tutorials for phpBB 3 styles are available here.

Simple style demo for phpBB2

This tutorial, how you can easily create a styledemo for your phpBB2 Forum.
Author: DoubleJViews: 2815Submitted: Mar 2007

Adding label’s on poll options

When click on text of a poll option, the radio button stay checked.
Author: GHSViews: 433Submitted: Feb 2007

How to make rounded tables

This tutorial explains how to add rounded header and footer to forum tables.
Author: CyberAlienViews: 8732Submitted: Feb 2007

phpBB 2.0 template files

List of all phpBB 2.0 template files with description.
Author: CyberAlienViews: 1884Submitted: Feb 2007

How to edit phpBB 2.0 css files

This tutorial explains how to make css files for phpBB 2.0 editable.
Author: CyberAlienViews: 1787Submitted: Feb 2007

Protect template files

This tutorial explains how to protect your forum template from being stolen.
Author: CyberAlienViews: 1981Submitted: Feb 2007

How to clone a style

This tutorial explains how to clone a phpBB 2.0 style.
Author: CyberAlienViews: 1232Submitted: Feb 2007