phpbb3 prosilver links window

Links in New Window

Submitted by CyberAlien, May 2007.
In phpBB 3 proSilver style all links open in same window. It might be frustrating for visitors, especially not computer savvy ones. This tutorial explains how to change links to open in new window.

1. Forums with type=link

In styles/prosilver/template/forumlist_body.html find this:

and replace with this:

2. Links inside posts

In styles/prosilver/template/bbcode.html find this:

and replace with this:
Then open includes/functions.php, find this (around line 2704):
  1. $html    = “$whitespace$text$append”; 
and replace with this:

  1. $html    = “$whitespacetarget=”_blank”>$text$append”; 

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