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Change Logo in phpBB 3

Submitted by CyberAlien, Mar 2007.
This short tutorial explains how to change logo in phpBB 3 style.

This example shows how to do it for subSilver 2, but it can also be applied to almost any other style, including prosilver.

This tutorial is only for people who have installed forum themselves. If you are using a free forum hosting service, then you don’t have access to files, so you can’t upload a logo and this tutorial is useless for you.

1. Uploading logo

First you should create a logo image and upload it.

If you are using subSilver 2, you should upload logo image to directory styles/subSilver/imageset/

If you are using proSilver, you should upload logo image to directory styles/prosilver/imageset/

Logo should be in gif, jpg or png format.

2. Changing logo

Login to your forum control panel. In control panel navigation click “Styles” link:

In styles management click “Imagesets” link, from available imagesets select one you are editing:

From images list in “Edit Imageset” section select “Main logo”. It will show you your current logo.

From available images list in “Images” section select image you have uploaded:

If you don’t see your image in images list, then you have uploaded it in wrong directory or image is in wrong format.

Click “Submit” button. That’s all, logo image should be changed to your logo.


If you are using subSilver, in addition to changing logo you might want to change logo background. To do that edit subSilver theme (click “themes”, click “edit”), in classes list select “#wrapheader” and select new background image.

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