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Subforum Icons on Index

Submitted by CyberAlien, May 2007.
When you have subforums and some of those subforums have new posts, subSilver 2 doesn’t show you which subforums have it, unlike proSilver. This tutorial shows how to add those small status icons to subSilver 2:

1. Images

Copy images icon_post_target.gif and icon_post_target_unread.gif from styles/subsilver2/imageset/ to styles/subsilver2/theme/images/

2. Code

In css file add this code:

  1. {
  2.    background: url([get_bloginfo]url[/get_bloginfo]/wp-content/themes/z4hs24d5v5sefoni0rgcnd65303/files/images/icon_post_target.gif) center left no-repeat;
  3.    padding-left: 12px;
  4. }
  5. .subforum.unread {
  6.    background: url([get_bloginfo]url[/get_bloginfo]/wp-content/themes/z4hs24d5v5sefoni0rgcnd65303/files/images/icon_post_target_unread.gif) center left no-repeat;
  7.    padding-left: 12px;
  8. }
That’s all.

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