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Private Messages Notifications

Submitted by CyberAlien, Mar 2007.
This tutorial is for designers of phpBB 3 styles. Before reading it you should be familiar with phpBB 3 template system and phpBB 3 templates.

In phpBB 3 there are several template variables that can be used to handle private messages in page header:

  • S_NEW_PM. This flag is set when user has a new private message. It is intended to be used for one time notification only, so once user changes page it disappears. Value is ether “1” or “0”.

  • S_USER_NEW_PRIVMSG. This variable shows number of new private messages. Unlike S_NEW_PM it always shows number of new messages, not once.

  • S_USER_UNREAD_PRIVMSG. This variable shows number of unread private messages. Private messages are treated as unread if they are unread, but not new to current session.

  • PRIVATE_MESSAGE_INFO_UNREAD. This is a string that shows “X unread message(s)” (lang variables UNREAD_PM or UNREAD_PMS). It is empty if there are no unread messages.

  • PRIVATE_MESSAGE_INFO: This is a string that shows private messages status. If there are no new messages it shows “0 new messages” (lang variable NO_NEW_PM). If there are new private messages it shows “X new message(s)” (lang variables NEW_PM or NEW_PMS)

  • U_POPUP_PM / UA_POPUP_PM: url of private message notification popup. It is used in javascript that shows new pm notification. Difference between U_ and UA_ versions is &: in U_ its &, in UA_ its &

  • U_PRIVATEMSGS: url to private messages ucp module.

  • U_RETURN_INBOX / UA_RETURN_INBOX: urls to inbox in usercp pm module. Difference between U_ and UA_ versions is & in url: for for U_ its &amp, for UA_ its &

  • S_DISPLAY_PM: set if private messages should be displayed.

  • S_USER_PM_POPUP: set if pm popup should be displayed.

Those template variables are enough to handle all types of notifications and buttons.

Few examples:

Standard pm text

In overall_header.html in subSilver template in phpBB 3 beta there is this code:


  4.       {L_REGISTER}

First line checks if user is a bot, second line checks if user is logged in, then checks if pm urls should be shown.

Code in proSilver template is much simplier:
Now that you know all variables and have seen few examples you should be able to create custom pm notification in your phpBB style.

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