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How to Get Rid of Ants

Although most ain’t are not deadly they are still pests and they are called that for a reason. If you have ever been bitten by one or have unknowingly stumbled onto a bunch then you know that special world of hurt ants can take you to. Say they don’t even bite you they can get in food and also carry bacteria around and nest in furniture. If you are looking for a way to get rid of ants you’ve come to the right place. Here are some simple methods that can help you get rid of those pests.

Boiling water 

If you notice any ant holes near the vicinity of your home just pour some boiling water, it will immediately kill them. This is the definition of simple but effective.

Eliminate entrances 

 There is a saying that prevention is better than a cure. If you block their way in then you won have to worry about getting them out. Look for cracks and holes in walls and near windows then seal them up.

Silicon dioxide 

  Silicon dioxide commonly known as diatomaceous earth is a type of silicon made from aquatic fossil remains called diatoms. It kills ants by absorbing their skeleton’s oil which eventually dries them out. Although it’s not a poison avoid contact with skin or inhalation.

Using peppermint

Peppermint is a natural bug deterrent, to get rid of ants using peppermint mix peppermint oil with water, and spray around windows and possible entrances. Do this repeat this as many times as needed to prevent ants from entering your home.

Boric acid

Boric acid kills ants by eroding their skeleton and stomach. To use boric acid first put on some gloves mix 8 teaspoons of sugar with half a teaspoon of boric acid and one cup water. Soak cotton balls in the solution and place where you would usually see ants. Note that boric acid can be hazardous so keep away from the reach of children and pets and dispose of containers used in mixtures properly.

Cleaning ant trails 

When you see one Ant there are more to follow as ants leave trails as they go. Cleaning with regular detergent may not be enough to completely remove the trail. A mixture that will help is lemon juice, spray it at the side of your house windows and doors will help to prevent and from following their trails.

 Cut off their food supplies

Another way you can get rid of ants is by starving them away or to death. You can do this by making sure all food is properly sealed, cleaning regularly to remove crumbs, and always taking out the trash can help you avoid an ant infestation.


This is another item used in the extermination and prevention of ants. Mix in a one ratio one with water then use it to clean your home’s surfaces to prevent ants.

Call pest control 

If all else fails or the situation seems to have gotten out of hand call your local professional to get the job done for you

How to Pick the Right Mulch or Straw for Your Flower Beds

Today we’ll be showing you how you could select the best type of straw or mulch for your flower bed. A lot of people do not understand that mulching helps you save a lot of time gardening. It doesn’t matter if you are tending to vegetable gardens or flower beds. Mulching might be stressful, but there are a lot of rewards. When you do this correctly, mulching could easily cut down a lot of time to fight pests, weeds, and water. Mulching gives you better flowers, veggies, and fruits.

You could try spreading some shredded leaf mulch or a wooden chip all-around your property. It would look nice on your garden pathway, shrub borders, flower beds too. It fits appropriately in shade gardens or woodland. It would be best to remember that wood chips are not intelligent choices for annual flower beds and vegetable beds because they would disturb you as you try to create new beds for the following year. It would be best if you remembered that these wood chips would keep stressing you as a gardener all through the year. As sad as that is, it is the truth.

Different Types of Mulch

There are around two simple types of mulch. These include inorganic and organic mulch. Organic mulches include material that lived formerly, including paper, pine needles, sawdust, shredded bark, wood chips, compost, grass clippings, straw, chopped leaves. Inorganic mulches include geotextiles and black plastics.

These types of mulch greatly discourage seeds. Organic mulches improve the soil as they break down into smaller components. Inorganic mulches don’t break down and enrich the soil. This does not mean they are not innovative options for your garden. Black plastic is a popular type of inorganic mulch that radiates and warms the soil during the night. This keeps vegetables that love heat like cherry and eggplant tomatoes vigorous and cozy.

Shredded Leaves or Wood Chips

You could buy several bags of shredded bark or wood chips from local garden centers, which you could use to mulch your flower gardens and the borders of your shrubs. If you want an affordable option, you could contact your local utility tree care company to see if they have any extra available wood chips available. If you want to plan thoughtfully, you could break down your Christmas tree instead of throwing it away.

If you have some trees available on your property, breaking down your fallen leaves could create a rich mulch and filled with a lot of nutrients without any form or type of added costs. You don’t need any specific machine either. You could make use of a lawnmower that has a bagger which would collect your leaves and break them down into the perfect size. You could then use these for all your mulching purposes.

Trying Grass Clippings

Growing grass inside compost piles is a second already available mulch for though it isn’t a great idea to save portions of your clippings to use as natural lawn fertilizer. When you have other remaining grass clippings, you could use them to serve as nitrogen-rich mulch that would work very well in your vegetable gardens.


When you want to select the best straw or mulch for your flower beds, you need to think about using mulch created using grass clippings, wood chips provided by landscaping companies, sawdust, pine needles, and others associated with these.

How to make a messy bun

You have probably gotten tired of trying out all the difficult styles you see on Instagram and youtube and want something that gives you simple instructions, depending on your kind of hair. Messy buns will not work the same way for everyone, which is why this article will help you.

This article will show you some simple ways to get your messy bun done with ease. I will also show you the style and procedure to get your messy bun done for the kind of hair that you have. Follow me through this article and learn these simple techniques.

Messy bun for thick hair

It is somewhat difficult to do a messy bun on long thick hairs and this is because it usually gets undone after some hours. You want to ensure that you are able to keep it fit and still. Below are the steps to follow.

  • Create a high ponytail 
  • Fold the end of the ponytail with one hand and tie it if it is long enough.
  • Hold it in place with bobby pins.
  • Add some embellishments.

For thin hair

If your thin hair is not a result of any underlying illness that you should look into, then you must have thought about getting it styled in a way that looks attractive. Messy buns will do it for you. Here’s how:

  • Rub some shampoo on the hair. For an even better effect, ensure that you spray a texturizing product to give it some level of thickness.
  • Brush the hair upwards
  • Tie a scarf or head tie around the head firmly
  • Make a high ponytail and twist the end of it into a bun.
  • Fold, twist, and pin the hairpieces until it forms a pretty bun and spray it for more styling.

Loose messy bun

A loose messy bun is super stylish if you do it right. Below is a detailed step of how to do it:

  • Clip two sections of your hair to the front for later use
  • Make a ponytail from the rest of the hair. Take them as low as you want to have your messy bun.
  • Convert the ponytail to a messy bun
  • Wrap the two saved hair sections in front around the messy bun and hold them in place with a bobby pin.
  • Add some embellishments to make it look more beautiful.

Two messy buns on top

This style is for those who don’t mind giving everyone that sees them something to feel intrigued about. The style is super cute and super rare. It is one that you should try out. Below is how to do yours:

  • Pack your hair into two sections
  • Make loose ponytails of them.
  • Twist each of the ponytails loosely and wrap them across the base
  • Hold them in place with bobby pins.


If your style is not among the ones listed here, know that you can always use any of the steps to create something unique and different. Just ensure that they’re firmly held, in place, and beautiful.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Are you thinking of trying out a special new look for your gallery? Or are you going for a function and just want to look exactly how you picture yourself? Is smokey eyes makeup what you want to try out? Well, hang on, you’ll learn exactly how to do it in simple steps.

You see a lot of people attempting to do the smokey eyes makeup ending up looking like they just gave the job to a 2-year old. Well, they may not realize this, but people who actually see them, especially experts like us who may be critics, would know they probably didn’t have any knowledge about the art. You’re going to get that knowledge now so that you can avoid looking like them.

How Do You Create Smokey Eye Makeup?

I always tell the people who have been privileged to learn under me that every makeup is an art. You’re an artist and all you’re doing is adding special effects to your already beautiful face. Below are the steps for creating the smokey eyes effects:

●      You would first have to apply a mid-tone shadow on your eyelids. For a better smokey base, it would be better to use the color grey or brown. You can find all-natural eyeshadow from Jane Iredale from Natural Healthy Concepts.

●      Pick up your eyeliner and apply it along the lash line. You must do this while ensuring that you’re able to get some color between the lashes in order to enable it to pop.

●      The next thing you have to do is to apply a dark tone shadow liner for example charcoal or espresso over the liner. Blend it into the lid shadow. Apply it to the lower lash line, in order to do this, you would have to press the bottom of the brush on the lashes, spread it out with your fingers to give you the smokey look.

●      You can add any finishing touch with the mascara to give it the full lash effect.

●      Add sparkle with your fingers

You must know that you may not end up with the exact same smokey effect that your friend got. That is not the goal. Your main goal is to have one that looks beautiful for you. There are lots of factors that influence the final look of your smokey eye makeup, most of them are in your choice of colors, your choice of lash and some others.

You must also know that the shape of your face differs from that of a friend. You are trying to create something that looks unique for yourself. For an extra little advice, before you embark on a journey of keeping yourself the smokey makeup, you can check out your favorite celebrity. Try to copy exactly what you see and try to do it perfectly. Remember, that you may not end up with the exact same thing but in the end, you will have something close to it.

In conclusion, remember that the shape of your face will greatly influence the final outlook of your makeup. I hope this tip is helpful.

How to Make a Mini Book and Why It’s So Much Fun

A mini book is a type of book or booklet that’s made by using a single sheet of paper, or by stapling or tying together small bits of paper together with string or rope. Mini books are great when it comes to fun kids craft projects, as they can keep their sticker collection, drawings, or short poems in them. And they make great one-of-a-kind gifts for parents or grandparents!

Children love to undergo new challenges and engage in easy creative projects that mean so much fun for them and whomever they give the cute little gift to. Here, in this article, you will learn how to make a mini book by following these simple steps.

How to Make Mini Book

To start the making of a mini book, you will need sheets of paper (or blank printer paper will work too). Cutting of art requires a level of pure art that you will need to acquire. At the end of the day, it’s expected that the finished mini book comes out bearing a total of 8 sides.

You can, however, decide to turn your mini book into more pages; it’s totally up to you. Learning the art of designing and proper coloring will help your mini book-making journey easier as you get the opportunity of turning it into anything you want. Your child could make a cute diary, notebook, day planner, and more.


Let’s quickly check these steps out below.

●      Get a single sheet of paper (i.e., A4 paper) or a cardstock. Use the paper to make a half vertical and horizontal folds.

●      Pick the half paper you folded horizontally, and put it in another half fold. Opening the folded paper now reveals 8 marked rectangles.

●      Open the paper and make it be on only one fold now. Pick up your scissors, or any form of cutting item you have and cut carefully by starting from the folded center down to the first fold line.

●      Then unfold your paper.

●      Children love this stage as they get to jump in excitement when they find out that a single sheet of paper was magically turned into a book!

●      Push the paper together by taking hold of the rectangle located at each end of the paper.

●      Make your folds very neat, according to your desire.

●      Proceed to get your decoration tools. This will make the book turn out to be more attractive.

●      For a more sophisticated look, you can try to make a hardcover of your mini book by cutting one out of your old books. Use it for the first page and the last page. This will also help strengthen the pages of your book.

Here you have it! Your mini book!

If you are confused about how to go about the production of the mini book, you can first all start by conducting experiments with any kind of paper that you can lay your hands-on, and as you already know, practice makes perfect!

Hair Highlights Tutorial

Hair highlights simply refer to those parts/strands of your hair that have a color tone (darker or lighter) applied to it to your hair in order to create some kind of beauty effect or attention. We’ve seen women and men apply this strategy so many times to enhance the beauty and color of their hair, and it has played out perfectly fine most of the time.

To be able to create outstanding hair highlights, you need to be acquainted with the procedures. You’ve clearly seen what highlights are. Let’s move to the benefits of highlighting your hair on your own.

Benefits of Hair Highlights

1. Gives you room for a change

If you are looking for a means of changing your style and serving new looks, then you probably need to start by highlighting your hair. This will cause you to observe a total change in your appearance, framing your face in an entirely new way.

2. Beats boredom

We’ve seen cases where people suddenly get tired of basic monotone hair colors. Now, highlights are there for you to get yourself out of that boredom by adding a whole lot of spice through your style decisions. Hair highlights will bring a much-needed change to your beauty routine and overall appearance.

Hair Highlights Tutorial

Knowing what highlights are isn’t enough. Soon, you will be finding out how you can comfortably highlight your hair in the absence of your stylist, using this short hair highlights tutorial below.

1. Get a good home hair highlighting kit, mix the content, and make sure that every ingredient is blended properly using a spatula. Ensure that your hair is dry before moving on to apply the blended mixture onto each section you intend to highlight. Remember, don’t let it touch your scalp.

2. Gently use your gloved fingers to massage in the mixture. When you get to the middle of your head, further create subsections on each section of your hair. This is to ensure that the solution thoroughly gets in as you wish.

3. When you get to the underlayer part of your hair, and the back, create smaller subsections and keep on with the application and massage.

4. Also, note that taking and applying the mixture in larger quantities does not guarantee a finer finish. What counts is your skill, expertise, and carefulness. So, to get the natural hair highlight look, be sure to master the basics before you proceed.

Things to Keep in Mind

●      Ensure that you apply the highlight 2 inches away from your roots and scalp.

●      Pull and keep your hair in a straight mode when the application is done. This is to ensure that the application is generously done.

●      Ensure to get gentle when you apply, don’t add too much pressure to avoid complications.

Hair highlights turn out beautifully well when applied properly. Listed above are the simple steps you can implement to make sure that you come up with the most beautiful hair highlights. Ensure that you follow them carefully.

Ranking DIY TV Mounts

It would be so nice to mount your TV yourself. Thus it is best to get a great TV mounting system to help you do this. This article would show you the highest-ranked TV wall mount systems from Amazon. So get ready to know which TV mounting system you are going to purchase soon.

4 DIY TV Mounts

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount

With this beautiful, easily mounted TV, your TV can be mounted inside a built-in cabinet all by yourself to save space.

Its average review is 4.5 out of 5 stars, with customer reviews of about 24,039. This mountable TV is great for any flat screen that is between 25 and 88 inches, and also has heavy gauge supports made with steel. It is also quite versatile.

Cheetah APTMM2B Tilting TV Wall Mount

This is a tilting TV mount on the wall, which does two different tasks. With tinting, the screen easily gets rid of glare, and if it is put in a high location, it makes looking at the TV bigger.

It has an average review of 4.4 out of 5 stars and it has over 17,000 customer reviews. It is great for curved TVs. There are tilted versions that can be purchased in either a VESA 600 or 400 plate. These are great for TVs that are heavier. The VESA 600 can support a TV of about 165 pounds.

Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount

Get a wall mount that has an arm that can easily pivot and extend from a corner. With this, your TV can be extended across the corner and back whenever you want it to. It has an average review of  5 out of 5 stars with many customer reviews of about 3,141.

It is great for handling the weight of a plasma TV with its heavy-duty construction made of steel. It could also carry other heavy TVs of about 99 pounds, because of its level of articulation.

MantelMount MM340 on the Fireplace Drop Down TV Mount

This TV wall can be mounted on top of the fireplace. With this DIY TV mount ,you can easily view your flat screen from an ideal eye level. If you pull your TV down while the fireplace is active, your sensitive electronics would be damaged, so be careful during use. It has an average review of  4.7 out of 5 stars with some customer reviews at around 252.

It is best for its beautiful personalized design and it lets owners view their flat-screen. You can easily pull your TV down close to an ideal eye viewing level. It can be swivelled when needed and can be pushed back when you are done.

Which DIY TV mounts will you choose?