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How to Build a Wood Fence Gate Instructions

white wooden fence near green trees during daytime

Building a wooden fence gate is much simpler than you think. You can even do it by yourself.

Your carpentry skills have to be a little bit high, the cost to buy all the materials is moderate, but it is not as costly as buying a fence, and the total amount of time to complete the job is about half a day.

The tools that are needed are a table saw, drill, screws, screwdriver, etc. Some materials are required like wood glue, wood, gate lock, hinges, etc.

There are the steps of making a wooden fence. Follow these steps one by one and you will be amazed by the results that you will see.

How to Build a Wooden Fence

  1. Get the pieces of wood or cedar, measure the pieces, and then cut them.

Measure the size of the gate you want and then cut it into the size you desire. Remember to measure the width of which the gate will open, then make a little space like about an inch, so that the hinges will have room to attach the gate to the fence.

  1. Make holes.

After cutting the wood into your desired size, get a clamp and put the pocket hole jig firmly into two of the wood pieces. Make three or four holes (pocket holes, that is) into the wood.

  1. Join the frames together.

Get the frame parts and then join them together with glue and secure it with screws.

  1. Install a diagonal cross brace.

To get more support, install a diagonal cross brace at the middle of the gate. To make the cross brace and form a good edge, trim the ends of the cross brace and put it firmly in place in the sides where the stiles and railings join together.

  1. Join the cross brace.

Make two holes at the end of each cross brace to form a bigger angle. Then join it together with the fence at the center with either glues or screws.

  1. Join the plane wood on the frame.

As you put the cross brace properly where it belongs, check that the last side of the frame is firm and steady. To complete the gate, get some long plane broad wood and cover a side of the gate. This wood should be the same type as that of the fence. The finishing broad should be shaped or trimmed to fit the edge of the frame. Join the wood with nails around the frame.

  1. Join the gate to the fence.

Join the gate to the ends of the fence: one end of the hinge is joined to the fence with a screwdriver and a screw. Then place the gate where you want to attach it to the frame end, after doing that, screw the second part of the hinges to the gate. Try and attach the gate an inch above the ground so that the bottom of the gate will not spoil fast and not to allow breakage of the wood because of the friction between the ground and the bottom of the gate.