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How to Make Resin Art

Reason art is a way people use to express their artistic side by making beautiful art, high priced and sometimes even priceless art. If you are interested in resin art you have come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most asked questions about making resin art.

. what are the tools used for making resin art

. is making resin art expensive

 What are the tools used for making resin art 

 Thankfully making resins art isn’t very expensive and the tools can be bought in your local store, online, and many other places. These tools are so common that you probably have some lying somewhere in your house right now. You may not always use the same resin tools cuz different projects require different procedures, but here is a list of must-haves for whatever projects you are working on

. Butane blow torch

. Art resin 

. Gloves 

. Masking tape

. Plastic measuring cup.

. levels 

. Plastic spreader 

. Plastic stands 

. Alcohol

. Paper towel

. Plastic stir stick

. Dust covers 

 Notice how most of the tools are specified as plastic, that’s because resin doesn’t stick to plastic so it makes for easier cleanup.

How to make resin art 

To start, make sure your tools and equipment are clean, we don’t want impurities floating around in your resin. Preferably, with your alcohol and paper towel.

Almost all resin art generally follows the same basic pattern, make a mold, mix and pour your resin remove impurities, pop the bubbles, cover, and leave to dry. That’s the basic but different projects may have some additional steps.

The mold

You can buy custom-made mold that has already been manufactured for that specific project, and some even come with resin and mixture ratio. The other option is to do what most people do DIY. The type of project you are working on will determine what material you use for your mold. For example, in wood wall art the wood is carved out to form a design pattern becoming a mold. Another example is body sculptures, silicon is usually used to form the mold as it would give you an accurate 3d depiction.

The art resin 

Art resin comes in two parts one is the actual resin and the other a hardener. There are different types of art resin made for different specifications but they all find themselves somewhere in between these two

. Deep pour

This is usually used where large displacements are needed, they are thinner, cure slower, and have a higher mixing ratio.

. Surface pour

  Usually used as a coating for art as it is durable, it is thicker, has shorter curing time, and has a 1:1 mixing ratio.

Impurity and bubble removal

Remove any impurities before it cures then remove the bubbles using a butane torch. Resins have a high melting point so a torch would do the job very nicely.

After that, if you are satisfied with your results cover it with your dust cover till it cures.


Whistling can look so simple and basic but when it’s time for you to whistle it becomes very hard and tricky. What’s so great about knowing how to whistle? Imagine having a rowdy crowd, no matter how loud you scream they might just not hear you, but when you blow a high-pitched whistle, it immediately grabs the attention of the crowd. That is just how much a whistle can be effective. So if you’ve tried so hard but just can’t seem to get your whistle right, you’ve forgotten how to whistle, try a new whistling technic or just basically want to learn how to whistle. Then you’ve just seen the right article. This article would teach you how to whistle either with your tongue or your fingers and the technic behind how to whistle.

Methods to whistling

Let’s discuss three common methods one can whistle;

Whistling with your tongue

This method of whistling does not produce a sharp or shrill sound like the other methods we will be discussing. When you whistle with your tongue the whistle sound produced is a softer tone. The steps below show how to whistle with your tongue.

  • Pout your lips slightly. Your lips should be pulled back with your tongue placed between your upper teeth and your lower lip closed tightly. Your mouth should look like you are smiling slightly without teeth. The positioning of the mouth is very important as it affects the kind of sound produced and how loud the whistle would be.
  • Next, position your tongue flat behind your bottom teeth without any contact.
  • Blow across your tongue by directing the air downwards towards your lower lips.

How to whistle with your fingers

This method of whistling produces a shrill and loud sound which is great for catching someone’s attention or hailing a cab. To whistle with your fingers

  • Put the tip of your two pinky fingers to form an A shape. You could also your index fingers or if you want to whistle with just one hand you can use your thumb and your index finger with the rest of your fingers pressed down
  • Insert your lips over your teeth with your tongue pushing back over your pinkies until the first knuckle of your finger reaches your lip and close your mouth tightly with a little opening only between your two pinkies
  • Blow air and ensure the air passage is only between your two pinkies. Once in the clear blow harder to produce a more shrill sound

How to whistle with your lips

This whistling technic is great if you want to whistle to your favorite songs. you can use this method to create different tunes depending on how you position your tongue, jaws, and lips. To whistle with your tongue

  • Pour your lips and softly blow air through until you hear your first tone.
  • Keep your tongue relaxed and blow harder.

No one is born with the gift to whistle, it’s a skill that is harnessed and mastered quickly by some while for others it’s a work in progress. All you need to do is have patience and try harder.


To vote is a process of an individual to indicate their choice, preferences, or, will when it comes to choosing a leader that will support their interest. All States has their different ways and rule In voting. But, if you’re new to voting and want to know how to register, then this article is meant for you. Hence, before discussing how to register to vote, we are going to consider the following questions:


  • What are the types of voting systems?

  • Why is it important to vote?

  • How can you register to vote?


What are the types of voting systems?

There are different types of voting systems in the world today. Some of this system is strictly theoretical, while some are currently in use. Therefore we are going to break down the various systems into three families. Which are:


  • Proportional representative system:-

The advanced western democracies are the ones that use this type of system. All the party-list systems would be included.


  • Semi- proportional system-:

The USA uses these types of systems in the local system. Limited voting and cumulative voting are included in this system.


  • Plurality/majority system-:

The USA uses this type of system because it is a winner-take-all system. It is like a large district with a single-winner, with a less common majority system.


Why is it important to vote?

The law in the U.S. did not state or made it a requirement that everyone must vote in any local, state, or presidential election. But voting is a privilege and right of every citizen in the U.S constitution. Voting is an important aspect of democracy. Therefore, when a citizen votes, he is in a sense participating in the democratic process.


  • How to register to vote-:

The first thing you need to know when you want to register to vote is to know your state’s voters registration rules and procedures. For first time voters, you need to know other things like:


  • Which state are you from?


  • What are your state requirements?


  • Will you be 18 by election day?

Age is an important aspect to know when you want to vote because if you are not up to 18years you can not be allowed to vote. The minimum is 18 and above.


Knowing all this will make you ready to vote. But first, you need to register before the deadline of your state. The following should be done when you want to register.


  • Check with your local election office-: when you check here you can be able to register. They may send you a voter registration card listing your polling place.

  • Online registration-: you can register online, at the local department of motor vehicles.

  • National mail voter registration form-: if you couldn’t register online, the national mail voter registration form can be of help.


On election day you will go to the place your election office sends you with your card. You have to go with your ID because it will be demanded when you want to vote. Then you will need to fill out your ballot. If you are unaware of how to fill this out, you can ask a poll worker. But if you would not be able to reach on time on election day, then you can use the means of a mail.


It is a privilege for a citizen to participate in voting. The following protocol should be done for anyone who wants to register to vote. You should also remember that each state has its procedures when it comes to voting.


Making a bonfire isn’t as hard as it sounds. You just need space and know the right way to start a bonfire so you don’t hurt yourself or even worse end up starting forest fires. If you are planning your next camping trip, then you need to include all the things you need to start a bonfire. Luckily this article will equip you with how to start a bonfire.

Equipment you need to start a bonfire

Firewood, kindling, and tinder, of course, you need FIRE which you could get very easily if you’re with a Matchbox. TINdERS are usually very light materials that are highly flammable. Examples of tinder are straws, dried grass leaves, pieces of paper, etc.  Kindling is a thicker material than tinders They are easily flammable But burn a little more slowly than tinders. An example of kindling are twigs. the name firewood won’t sound strange. Fire Woods are logs that are about the same length as your forearm. It burns a lot more slowly and lasts for longer periods. The tinder is used to light the kindling and the Kindling is used to light up the firewood.

Before starting a bonfire it is essential to choose a very good location to dig your bonfire pit. The location must be bare ground or one with stones without any dried grass or trees. The space should be about 8 feet and should be cleared of anything that may cause a fire.

Once you’ve cleared up your space you’ll need to start digging. Why? Well, when the center you plan on making the fire is a little lowered the fire would be more controlled.

The next step is to set rocks in a circle around where you’ve dug. These rocks create a boundary between the burning wood and the flammable items.

Now how to set a bonfire

Firstly, lay the Tinder pieces in the center where the bonfire is to be created. NEXT, YOU STACK THE KINDER so they can lean on each other without any external support. The kindling should be stacked in a tepee style and little by little when the kindling stack is stable enough, start adding your firewood slowly still in a tepee style. Little space should be left open in the tepee stack in the direction the wind is blowing so that it would be much easier for air to enter to set up.

Next light the fire. This you can no by using a match or a lighter and igniting the Tinder through the small opening between the stacks.

Bonfire isn’t the same thing as campfires, it’s not meant to stay long. Before making a bonfire anywhere, make sure you have permission to do so. Be very cautious and make sure you’ve put the fire out completely, buried the ash with sand, and felt the site for any heat before leaving.  As you would not want anyone to get hurt or unintentionally start-up forest fires.

How to Draw a Cat Step by Step

Anybody can draw!  Do not allow the naysayers to get you down. While the place of talent cannot be downplayed in every artistic venture, a lot also has to be said of the endeavor and enterprise necessary to draw. As the saying goes, where there’s a will, there is a way. In this article, we will teach you how to draw a cat step by step.

Step 1: Study Cats

By this, we mean research into cats so that you understand their anatomy. The truth remains that you cannot draw that which you do not know or cannot describe well. A study of cats entails research into what they look like, their walking and sitting postures.


Step 2: Draw a straight vertical line

If you believe that you cannot achieve a straight vertical line freehand, make use of a ruler. This vertical line could be of any reasonable length of your choosing but bear in mind that this line will be used as a base of comparison for other sizes and angles.


Step 3: Horizontal marks

Next, mark the top and the base of the vertical line that you have drawn with small horizontal lines. Next, place a mark in the middle of the vertical line and then divide each half into halve again, thereby creating a total of four segments that are equal in length.


Step 4: Draw a large Oval

The next step is to draw a large oval (not a circle) shaped almost like an egg to represent the body of the cat. Begin the oval from the second horizontal mark on your vertical line and end the oval in such a way that it is just a bit above the base.


Step 5: Draw a Circle

The circle represents the head of the cat. The circle is to begins just below the uppermost horizontal mark and comes to its end just beneath the top of the oval body.


Step 6: Draw the Ears

To draw the ears of the cat, proceed to draw two triangles by drawing vertical lines upwards from the side of the circle that can be traced to the second horizontal mark. These vertical lines should stop once there are on par with the top of the initial vertical line in Step 2. Then using freehand or the aid of a ruler, draw a diagonal line from the vertical line you have just drawn upwards and make sure the line meets the circle on both sides- leaving ample space in the middle.


Step 7:

Draw four small ovals at the base of the oval that represents the cat’s body to represent its paws


Step 8:

Draw four long ovals to represent the cat’s legs. Two of these ovals representing the forelimbs of the cat should be positioned almost at the middle and the lower arc of the cat while the other two representing the hind limbs should be about half the size of the former and should overlap out of the oval a bit.


Step 9: Draw the features and erase all the shapes used in the construction

Next, you sketch the shapes of your cat’s nose, eyes, and mouth. The eyes should be positioned on either side of the second horizontal mark and then frame out the nose and mouth. Then, outline the curves face, body and limbs so that you can finally clean off all the construction drawing shapes and leave a pictorial illustration of a cart staring back at you.


Of course, as with everything, practice makes perfect.

How to Tell if You Have the Wrong Type of Strings for Your Acoustic Guitar

grayscale photo of acoustic guitar

How to tell if you have the wrong type of strings for your acoustic guitar

Music is food for the soul, the music that acoustic guitars make is on a whole other level, this is part of the reasons acoustic guitars are so sort after.
A lot of people don’t understand that they need to be specific when it comes to getting new guitar strings for their acoustic guitar. You might think it is difficult but we assure you that it is not as difficult as you might think. When you check for guitar strings around your headstock, you’ll get instructions that would show you how to get the right type of guitar strings.

We are going to provide you with you’d details of how to tell if you have the wrong type of strings for your acoustic guitar.

Do not make these mistakes as you replace your guitar strings

Changing your guitar strings and getting the right one is a simple thing. There are mistakes people make when they want to change the strings of their electric or acoustic guitars.

Easily avoidable and common mistakes include if you don’t get the correct new guitar string.
There are various guides you could use to learn the steps on what it takes when you want to change your guitar strings.

Signs you have wrong guitar strings

If you go for a brand that is inferior. It might damage your guitar. You need to get a string that has the specified gauge just like the one which would fit your guitar.

Vintage guitar gauge definition

Knowing this is the secret to knowing if you have the wrong type of strings for your acoustic guitar or not.

Gauge is the string’s thickness level. If you get the wrong type of strings or use it on a gauge that your guitar has not used before. The possibility of it damaging your guitar is quite high. You should try not using a string that doesn’t have the same gauge definition as your vintage guitar.

If you ever notice whenever that you want to change the abs of your guitar, you should try using heavy strings. This would drag the neck of your guitar, change the action, and before you know it, your guitar would have a brand new very different feel.

If you change it to a higher string, the truss rod that’s on your guitar could end up feeling overcompensated. The action would become lower. It could buzz or rattle whenever you play.

How to Make Face Mask Lanyard

What is Mask Lanyards Face Masks 

These types of face masks are great for your kids or your loved ones when they either want to go to school or when you want to send them to a store just across the road. 

Face Mask Strap Holder

You can make use of beautiful fabric to make your face mask more fun. 

It would be best if you first created your Mask Holder Strap.

This gave mask is vet simple to re-align. You should bake it a little bit shorter, longer, or thicker to fit the preferences you like. 

It would be best if you created your own Mask Neck Strap.

These clips would reduce the rate at which these face masks would fall to the floor. It would also reduce the rate of the things that happens if it gets to slip off. 

It would help if you created a strap to cover your face.

These homemade fabric lanyards simply only need a little bit of fabric. You might already have more than enough around. 

You could create your Mask Holder. 

Let’s start sewing, shall we?

List of materials you need for your face mask lanyard. 

You need two lobster clasps, a quarter piece of cotton, a 3/8 piece of grosgrain ribbon.

Steps to follow to sew your face mask lanyard. 

It would be best to cut some of the fabric using a two-inch-wide by twenty-four-inch long. This depends on your preferences and the type of mask you want to make. You might desire to make the strap either shorter or longer. 

Face Mask Lanyard Strap

For beautiful kids, you should cut your fabric into lengths that would fit them comfortably. You don’t want to create a face mask that would make your kids feel imprisoned. 

It would be best if you also made a face mask Holder.

It would be best if you folded this under a half-inch on the very long sides. Then press your raw edges on the center of your fabric. 

Sew on your mask holder. You can then fold this in half and then press it very hard. It would be best if you also sewed a mask strap. You can topstitch both sides of your lanyard strap. Sew using a quarter side from the edges. 

How you should sew your Face mask lanyard

You should use a thread and then clasp it onto the other clasp. Then fold this under halfway and twice. 

It would be best if you clipped your face masks. 

You should stitch your fabric to a part and then use the backstitch to hold all your clasps to a specific place. 

It would be best if you then clipped these to your face masks lanyard, and you’re ready. 

You can decide to make use of face mask holders that have clasps and straps. Also, if you’re making these face masks for Kids, you need to put or make use of fun, lively, and lovely colors. If you do this, the kids would want to wear their face masks, and they’ll feel proud of it. All kids like to show off using excellent colors. If you’re making for adults, then go with their preferences.

How to Make a Mojito

Are you a strong cocktail lover? Do you want to experiment with making your own? Well then, you’re in the right place to do this. Pay close attention and focus on every step that will be dropped in this article.

And this article we’re going to focus on how to make a mojito and the best way or the most suitable way to serve it. For a little extra advice, you should be careful not to begin to drink your mojito before your friends arrive. This is because you could be tempted to finish everything and have fun all by yourself.

What is Mojito?

For the sake of those who may not know what mojito actually is, is a cocktail drink, everything is made especially with five ingredients. The ingredients include white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. Combining all of these ingredients will give you this tasty and healthy drink. Mojito, the Cuban drink, is refreshing and a must-have at every party or social gathering.

Now let us move on to the most important question in the article which is exactly how can you make mojito?

How Do You Make a Mojito?

To make a mojito you must know one thing that everyone using all of the five ingredients would create something like this like a mojito but certainly cannot create it exactly the same way each time.

What makes your mojito different is the carefulness that you can apply each time.


●      Crush the mint leaves and squeeze the lines into a bowl. The mint leaves should produce the mint oil and the line balls should be able to create lime juice. Stir this mixture thoroughly.

●      Add your sugar to the mixture and continue to mix.

●      Put some ice in a mixture and let it almost fill the small bowl that you have the whole mixture in.

●      Add your rum.

●      Add some water and keep stirring. Keep on stirring this mixture and tasting it to see if it actually meets your preferences, if not you can add some more sugar.

If you have practically followed all the steps, what you would have in your bowl is your delicious mojito.

Health Benefits of a Mojito

Some people have questioned whether or not mojito is healthy. The fact is the trunk contains a lot of natural ingredients and these ingredients have their functions.

Considering the health benefits of vitamin C that you would get from the lime juice, that alone is enough proof that the drink is healthy and safe for consumption.

The mint leaves also provide some more vitamins, the sugar brings a low quantity of carbohydrates to the party. It is noteworthy that the amount of rum or lime that you decide to use could alter the entire taste of the drink. You want to make sure everything is properly measured.

Your mojito is going to taste a lot different from your neighbors’ or your friends’, and that will depend on the amount of each ingredient that you have applied in the drink. Enjoy the delicious and chilled mojito!

Acrylic Nails Tutorial for Beginners at Home

Are you a beginner makeover artist looking to improve on your manicure skills? Or do you just want to be able to spend less at beauty salons by doing it yourself at home? Whichever category you fall into, this article is specially for you.

In this article, we will look at an acrylic nails tutorial for beginners at home. In case you don’t already know what acrylic nails are, they are actually artificial nails that are placed right on top of the natural ones and painted to look stylish and fashionable.

Being able to do this would greatly improve your fashion sense as well as your comfortability and confidence.

Tools you’ll need:

·       Acrylic powder

·       Clear acrylic powder

·       Liquid monomer

·       Non-wipe top coat

·       Nourish oil

These are basically the tools you’ll need and you can get all of them online.

How to Apply Acrylic Nails

Before we jump into the application of the artificial nails we have to first and foremost consider the finger we are applying the nails on.

1. Remove the shine of the natural nails.

Ensure that your fingernails are neatly filed and clean to avoid having raised bumps on your acrylic nails which could result in having it fall off too early. You also want to make sure you do this as carefully as possible in order to not hurt your fingers, which could make it harder to paint the edges.

2. Apply the tip

The tip of the artificial nails comes in different sizes and shapes. Most of them are usually big so if you wide fingernails, you would most likely find your nail size. On the other hand, if you have very slim fingernails, you should look for slimmer nails and if you can’t find one, just pick the one which is close to it and file it down. Make sure you do this as gently as possible and use only very little glue. You don’t want to have the glue dripping down your fingers.

3. Mix the acrylic liquid with the acrylic powder

This is where the major task begins. You should dip your brush into the acrylic liquid until it is fully soaked in it, after that, you press it on a surface to remove excess liquid. Touch the acrylic powder with the tip of the brush and apply it to the nails.

While you are doing that, ensure that you start at the bottom line of your fingers up, it is much easier that way.

4. Let it dry

After applying the mixture of acrylic powder and liquid to all the nails carefully, the next step is to leave it to dry. While you are waiting for it to dry out, do not be tempted to touch the surface with your hand as it could ruin the beauty of the whole work. Instead, tap it gently with the tip of the brush.

5. Trim off the edges

You are done with the work. All you have to do now is trim the nails to the preferred length.

By following these simple steps, you would have succeeded in creating your own acrylic nails. Always remember that cleaning the nails is the necessary first step, or the entire work could become useless.

How to Make a Shrimp Trap

If you love shrimp (delicious seafood packed with nutrients like astaxanthin), there is a great chance that you have Gone to a seafood market or restaurant and were amazed at how expensive they cost. This must have made you wonder how to make a shrimp trap, so you can catch and cook your own shrimp.

Who wouldn’t want to catch their own shrimp and not have to spend a lot at the market or restaurant? This is why you should learn how to make a shrimp trap. You can create one without stress and without spending a lot, because the materials used in making the trap are readily available.

The materials you need are below.

6 Steps on How to Make a Shrimp Trap 

Clean the Sports Drink Bottle

It is important that you clean the sports drink bottle, ensuring that there is no liquid in it.

You should clean it totally by soaking it in hot water and washing it with hot water too. You can go for a vitamin water bottle or even a bottle of sports drink. Using any of the aforementioned is better than using the usual plastic bottle, because bottles of a sports drink are known to be wider.

This allows the shrimp to easily enter the bottle. If you go for a narrow bottle, the shrimp won’t easily enter. 

Cut the Bottle

Cut your bottle with a sharp knife in half towards the bottom, that place where the bottle is tapered.

Have a Cut in the Bottle

Take out your knife and cut a hole in the lid of the bottle. Ensure that the hole is large to allow the shrimp to gain entrance. Ensure that it is not too big for unneeded fish to have access.

Put Shrimp Food

You can get shrimp food in the wet market or a fishing store around you. Put it inside the bottle to bait the shrimp to enter the bottle. They are affordable to buy and will make it easier for shrimp to be ensnared.

Have Both Parts of the Bottle Connected

Replace the lid on the bottle. Have the top part of your bottle moved in an upside down motion.

Create Holes

Use a sharp pin and create holes of two inches under the bottle shrimp trap. Your shrimp will enter to eat the food.

When using your new shrimp trap, be sure to follow Fish and Wildlife regulatory guidelines for your state.