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How to Cook Pork Ribeye Steaks

While you may be familiar with pork ribeye steaks, you will find it interesting to know that it has become one of the favorite meals of most families in the South. One of the many advantages of this is that they are incredibly easier to cook than pork chops, and because of their connective tissue, they tend to remain juicier for a longer period of time. In addition to this, they happen to be very versatile and incredibly delicious to consume.

To enjoy your pork ribeye steak, it is advised that you properly cook it, and then complement it with a sticky and sweet sauce. Irrespective of what you serve them with, the pork ribeye steak is one of the best weeknight meals out there.

How to Cook Pork Ribeye Steak

To get started, you have to sear the steaks in a hot pan until it becomes well browned on both sides of the steak. Once that is done, you have to mix honey or even Tamari sauce (depending on the version of sauce you want), red pepper or chili, lemon juice, and also minced garlic. 

Once you have prepared these ingredients mentioned above, you have to add them to your pan. You are expected to allow the sauce to cook with the pork for a period of time. Continue heating until the pork is cooked thoroughly and the sauce becomes sticky and thick.

Once you have successfully done this, then your pork ribeye steaks are ready for consumption. For a long period of time, most people have compared pork steaks to pork chops. While they are quite similar, the only difference is that pork ribeye is from the boneless part of the loin, while pork chop is from the bony part. If you do not have pork steaks, you can make use of pork chops instead. There are actually a number of pork ribeye recipes that you can choose from, they include:

  • The mushroom pork
  • Pork sausage meatballs
  • Pork bolognese

Depending on your preference, you can decide to prepare any of these recipes for dinner.

Pork Ribeye Steak Ingredients

While we have discussed how you can cook pork ribeye steaks, we will make a list of the ingredients you will be needing to achieve this feat. They include:

  • Four pork ribeye steaks
  • ½ cup Tamari or Soy sauce
  • ½ cup honey
  • 3 garlic cloves that have been crushed
  • 1/4 tsp of red pepper or chili
  • Two tbsp of lemon juice

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • The first thing to do, as clearly stated earlier, is to have your pork steaks seasoned with salt, then have it seared on a hot pan until it becomes brown on both sides.
  • You have to mix together the ingredients listed above. Endeavor to pay attention to the measurement.
  • Immediately pour the sauce that has been mixed together into the pan and allow it to cook for a period of time.
  • Once it is cooked thoroughly, you have to remove the heat and let it cool off for about 5 minutes.