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How to Tune an Acoustic Guitar


The guitar is one of the most popular musical instrument in existence, there is hardly any music star that does not know how to play the guitar. 

Guitars produce unique tones that give soulful vibes to music, vintage guitars produce richer tones than modern guitars, this is why they are preferred by many over modern guitars. 

If you are a guitar player or you own an acoustic guitar, one of the necessary skills you should have is the ability to tune your guitar properly. If you have a guitar that is not tuned properly it can cause headaches for you, it will not produce the tones you need it to produce, this can ruin your prospects as a guitar player.

Your guitar can go out of tune for several reasons, so many factors can contribute to this, such as:

  • The changes in temperature around the guitar. 
  • Increase or reduction in humidity around the guitar. 
  • Taking your guitar in or out of its case can make your guitar go out of tune.
  • Changing your strings too can cause this. 

A guitar that is out of tune can make your music sound like cats crying, the sound it would make would be terrible to listen to. Imagine playing a guitar that drifts out of tune as you play. 

How to Tune an Acoustic Guitar 

One of the first things an acoustic guitar enthusiast should learn is how to tune the guitar. This will help you keep your guitar producing its best sounds for the longest time. In this article, we are going to check out some ways you can tune your acoustic guitar.

  1. Use a Tuning App: in this day and age with all the technological advancement, it is easier to do things that were a lot harder to do in the olden days. To tune your acoustic guitar to perfect pitch you can download a tuning application on your android phone or iPhone. You can also use what is called a digital tuner. These methods are quite simple, all you need to do is download the apps and follow the instructions provided in them accordingly. Guitar companies like Fender have made some of these guitar tuning apps.
  2. Tuning by Ear: By using harmonics you can tune your acoustic guitar by ear. You can do the basic tuning by following the steps we are going to discuss below:
  • Step 1: you have to understand the notes of the strings of your guitar, if you do not have this knowledge it would be very hard to tune your guitar.
  • Step 2:  you have to know the right pegs for tuning each string, you can do this by simply following the string till you get to the tuning peg for that string. Turn the peg counterclockwise or clockwise to achieve the right pitch for the string.
  • Step 3: Turn the tuning pegs accordingly, if the pitch of the string is too sharp/high reduce it by reducing the tension on the string accordingly with the tuning peg. In the event where the pitch is too flat / ow increase the tension on the string by turning the tuning peg accordingly until you achieve the right pitch.
  • Step 4: tune the guitar strings to match each other so that the pitch of the strings will flow into each other smoothly. The exception is the B string. 
  • Step 5: play some notes and adjust the strings accordingly so that the guitar will be perfectly tuned, listen for any off-string and check the intervals to be sure everything is tuned properly. 
  • Step 6: play the guitar for a few minutes to make sure it stays in tune if it does not, retune, and play again until your acoustic guitar is perfectly tuned.

Tuning an acoustic guitar doesn’t have to be a difficult task. We hope the above tutorial helps.