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Whistling can look so simple and basic but when it’s time for you to whistle it becomes very hard and tricky. What’s so great about knowing how to whistle? Imagine having a rowdy crowd, no matter how loud you scream they might just not hear you, but when you blow a high-pitched whistle, it immediately grabs the attention of the crowd. That is just how much a whistle can be effective. So if you’ve tried so hard but just can’t seem to get your whistle right, you’ve forgotten how to whistle, try a new whistling technic or just basically want to learn how to whistle. Then you’ve just seen the right article. This article would teach you how to whistle either with your tongue or your fingers and the technic behind how to whistle.

Methods to whistling

Let’s discuss three common methods one can whistle;

Whistling with your tongue

This method of whistling does not produce a sharp or shrill sound like the other methods we will be discussing. When you whistle with your tongue the whistle sound produced is a softer tone. The steps below show how to whistle with your tongue.

  • Pout your lips slightly. Your lips should be pulled back with your tongue placed between your upper teeth and your lower lip closed tightly. Your mouth should look like you are smiling slightly without teeth. The positioning of the mouth is very important as it affects the kind of sound produced and how loud the whistle would be.
  • Next, position your tongue flat behind your bottom teeth without any contact.
  • Blow across your tongue by directing the air downwards towards your lower lips.

How to whistle with your fingers

This method of whistling produces a shrill and loud sound which is great for catching someone’s attention or hailing a cab. To whistle with your fingers

  • Put the tip of your two pinky fingers to form an A shape. You could also your index fingers or if you want to whistle with just one hand you can use your thumb and your index finger with the rest of your fingers pressed down
  • Insert your lips over your teeth with your tongue pushing back over your pinkies until the first knuckle of your finger reaches your lip and close your mouth tightly with a little opening only between your two pinkies
  • Blow air and ensure the air passage is only between your two pinkies. Once in the clear blow harder to produce a more shrill sound

How to whistle with your lips

This whistling technic is great if you want to whistle to your favorite songs. you can use this method to create different tunes depending on how you position your tongue, jaws, and lips. To whistle with your tongue

  • Pour your lips and softly blow air through until you hear your first tone.
  • Keep your tongue relaxed and blow harder.

No one is born with the gift to whistle, it’s a skill that is harnessed and mastered quickly by some while for others it’s a work in progress. All you need to do is have patience and try harder.