Though the iPhone is known for its speed and user-friendly, it is immune to being chalked up with unwanted files and data from websites. These unwanted files are often saved up in the cache or cookie of the phone. When this happens, your iPhone may seem to slow down a bit. Getting your phone back to its average speed will require you to clear its cache. So how exactly do you go about this? Well, each app’s browsers have different settings. But will only focus on two, that of chrome and Safari. So let’s look into it.


Let’s look at some simple steps on clearing the cache and cookies of crome.

  • First, open the Chrome app on your iPhone.
  • Second, tap the history-clear browsing data. Make sure there is a ticked mark beside the browser data you want to clear.
  • Tap the clear browser.

It would be best to clear all the history in your cache because there is no way to know what sites take the most data and coughing your phone more. By the time you’re through with this, you will see your chrome browser speed increase faster. But how do you clear that of the Safari? Let’s find out.


Like crome, Safari also suffers from lagging due to filed up data in tie cache. But how do you clear the complied useless data’s in your Safari? Let’s find out. But note, clearing the data of your Safari will log you out of all the accounts you are currently logged in. So, how do you clear the cache? Let’s look at some simple steps.

  • Go to the settings app.
  • Scroll down to Safari
  • Go to history and tap the clear button.

Once this is done, you will notice the speed of your browser significantly increase. And you would even notice your entire phone speed pick up. And if you are still unhappy with the overall speed of your iPhone, then you can try to go a bit further by clearing the overall cache of your iPhone. Well, how can you do that? By following his easy steps.


Let’s look at some easy steps to opening the cache of your iPhone system

  • Tap the settings- general- storage- and then iCloud usage.
  • Tap the manage storage button at the top part
  • This will help direct you to a page with the list of apps, which have accumulated much data. With the heaviest file at the top of the list.
  • Click the app and clear its cache. You can decide to clear all its cache or just the data accumulated at the moment. But If the data accumulated is over 500MB, it would be best you uninstall and install the app.


iPhone is known for its speed; that is why you got an iPhone. So if you notice your iPhone slowing down, then make sure you clear the cache.