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Install styles in “style” format

Submitted by CyberAlien, Mar 2007.
This tutorial explains how to install phpBB 2.0 styles that are in “.style” format.

Why is “.style” format better than unpacking zip file and uploading files via ftp?

  • .style is compressed with tar.gz which makes it much smaller than zip file.

  • You upload only one file on server, not loads of files.

  • You won’t make a error when uploading directories and files.

What do you need in order for this to work:

  • FTP access to your forum.

  • FTP functions in php to be enabled. Most free hosting companies disable these features.

  • Ability to upload “.style” file. You can upload it yourself in “cache” directory of your forum, or, if directory “cache” is writable, you can upload it via browser in extreme styles mod menu

How to install style:

1. Upload

In eXtreme Styles mod menu select “Import”:

You will see option to upload .style file. Mod will upload that file in directory “cache”, so make sure that directory is writable. If directory isn’t writable then upload .style file in that directory yourself.

2. Installing

If you have just uploaded file via browser, you’ll see option to install it. Click that option.

If you uploaded file manually, then in eXtreme Styles mod menu select “Import” and from files list select file you just have uploaded.

After you click “import” link, you will see list of styles in .style file. Most style files include only one style file, hovewer some include more. Select styles that you want to install. If you want to make new style a default forum style, click on radio button to make it default.

After that you will see ftp configuration. You also might see option to upload files to “templates” directory – that option is for localhost development and it might not work on proper unix server. Enter ftp your configuration, click “submit” button. When you are entering ftp configuration, extreme styles mod will remember it and next time you will have to enter only password. eXtreme Styles mod doesn’t save passwords for abvious security reasons.

That’s all. After you click “submit” button, eXtreme Styles mod will upload all files via ftp and automatically install styles.

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